Azerbaijani Food

Azerbaijani food recipes and dishes of Azerbaijani cuisine that can be cooked from ordinary products at home.

American Food

American food recipes, like the peoples of the United States, are heterogeneous and diverse, due to the huge size and heterogeneity of the population, it is difficult to formulate the principles that define American cuisine.

Armenian Food

Armenian food recipes, according to which it is easy and simple to cook any Armenian dishes at home, traditional dishes according to food recipes of Armenian cuisine.

Belarusian Food

Belarusian food recipes – various dishes of Belarusian cuisine, simple and difficult recipes of Belarusian cuisine.

Bulgarian Food

Bulgarian food recipes – simple and complex Bulgarian cuisine recipes, homemade Bulgarian dishes that can be easily cooked at home.

British Food

Classic British recipes, homemade British dishes based on traditional British recipes.

Greek Food

Greek cuisine from Kashevar – traditional dishes and recipes of Greek cuisine that can be cooked at home according to simple recipes from available products

Georgian Food

Georgian food recipes – modern and traditional Georgian cuisine, Georgian homemade recipes from common products.

Jewish Food

Jewish food recipes have very important differences from the recipes of other national cuisines, and Jewish cuisine is one of the most ancient cuisines in the world.

Indian Food

Indian food recipes – a variety of homemade Indian dishes, complex and simple Indian food recipes.

Spanish Food

Spanish food recipes and Spanish cuisine are simple and not so simple recipes of Spanish cuisine, traditional and modern Spanish dishes.

Italian Food

Italian food recipes for all tastes – traditional and modern recipes of Italian cuisine, homemade Italian dishes from simple products.

Chinese Food

Chinese recipes for homemade dishes, Chinese cuisine, according to the recipes of which you can cook various Chinese dishes at home from ordinary products.

Korean Food

Korean cuisine from Kashevar – a set of Korean food recipes, Korean recipes that can be prepared from ordinary products

Moroccan Food

Moroccan food recipes – various recipes for Moroccan dishes, simple and not so simple Moroccan recipes, homemade Moroccan dishes.

Mexican Food

A variety of Mexican food recipes – famous and not so famous, complex and simple Mexican recipes, homemade Mexican dishes.

Moldovan Food

Moldovan cuisine from Kashewar – modern and classic food recipes of Moldavian cuisine, Moldavian dishes and home food recipes for their cooking.

German Food

German cuisine from Kashevar – traditional and modern food recipes of German cuisine, various German dishes according to home food recipes for their cooking.

Russian Food

Russian cuisine from Kashevar – a food recipe and dishes that represent modern and traditional Russian cuisine, a variety of homemade recipes of Russian cuisine

Turkish Food

Turkish cuisine from Kashevar – interesting and peculiar food recipes of Turkish cuisine, Turkish dishes that can be easily prepared at home without much cost

Uzbek Food

Uzbek cuisine from Kashevar – modern and traditional food recipes of Uzbek cuisine, Uzbek dishes that are cookes from simple products

Ukrainian Food

Ukrainian food recipes are very diverse, Ukrainian cuisine presents a variety of dishes, both traditional food recipes and modern Ukrainian dishes.

French Food

French cuisine from Kashevar is simple and difficult food recipes of French cuisine, many recipes of French dishes of both high and casual cuisine

Swedish Food

Swedish cuisine from Kashevar – famous and rare recipes of Swedish cuisine, difficult and simple food recipes of French cuisine, home-made Swedish dishes from ordinary products

Japanese Food

Japanese cuisine – original food recipes of Japanese cuisine of varying difficulty, from simple homemade Japanese dishes to delicious Japanese recipes.