Korean Food

Pork Belly in 30 minutes

Pork belly in 30 minutes is a Korean recipe that is very simple and very quick, where the preparation and frying takes only 30 minutes.

Kimbap with Mackerel

Kimbap with mackerel is a Korean recipe, very simple and satisfying with simple ingredients.

Sausage Bread

Sausage Bread – Korean food recipe, very popular in Korean bakeries.

Hobak Chon Fried Zucchini

Hobak chon fried zucchini – Korean food recipe, easy and simple recipe. Zucchini are marinated in a mixture of soy sauce before frying.

Gamjajeon Potato Pancake

Gamjajeon potato pancake – a recipe for Korean cuisine potatoes and onions are rubbed on a very fine grater, almost in mashed potatoes.

Pork Cutlet (Donkkaseu)

Pork cutlet (Donkkaseu) – a Korean cuisine recipe, an analogue of schnitzel, but with Asian notes.

Fried Chicken Legs

Fried chicken legs - a recipe for caramel legs in a sweet and sour sauce of tomato ketchup, rice syrup and garlic.

Korean Curry

Korean curry is a Korean cuisine recipe made with pork, vegetables, rice and curry powder.

Pickled Daikon

Pickled daikon - Korean recipe small cubes of daikon in sweet and sour sauce.

Korean recipes

In the Korean cuisine section, you can find many Korean recipes, simple and difficult to cook – dubu-jorim, soegogi-jeon, bo-ssam, fried chicken legs and many other Korean recipes.