Soups are the basis of lunch in most national cuisines of the world; soups recipes include soups, borscht, cabbage soup, okroshka, broths and other.

Main Course

Main course – a separate dish, recipes of the main dishes are very diverse and vary greatly depending on the national cuisine of the country

Baking and Desserts

Baking Baking and desserts is a huge group of food recipes in any national cuisine, baking recipes are distinguished by both a wide variety and national color


Salads are present in all cuisines of the world, salad recipes are very diverse and depend on the country and national cuisine, as well as on the season or availability of products


Appetizers are a good way to satisfy hunger, appetizer recipes are usually simple, which makes appetizer recipes very popular in many countries.


Sandwiches are a great way to have a snack between meals, not only at home, but also on the go, so the recipes of sandwiches are very diverse and are found in all cuisines of the world


Drinks are on the menu of all countries of the world, recipes of drinks depend both on the country and region in which the drink is prepared, and on religious and culinary traditions


Sauces and dressings have always been a good addition to any recipes, therefore recipes for sauces, dressings and seasonings have always been appreciated in the culinary of all countries

Food Preservation

Food preservation is an integral part of any national cuisine in the world, recipes for food preservation for the winter are very diverse, like other national dishes


Dough recipes for various baking – yeast and yeast-free pastry, shortbread and puff dough, pancake dough and pizza dough.


Pasta – the common name for Italian pasta, noodle, vermicelli, spaghetti, lasagna recipes; there are pasta recipes in Chinese, Japanese and other national cuisines of the world


Pilaf - a rice-based recipe that has gained popularity not only in Asia, pilaf recipes are very diverse.


Kebab is a traditional dish in many countries, kebab is cooked according to various recipes from meat, poultry, fish or vegetables, and roasted outdoors


Cutlets are prepared from minced or whole meat, poultry or fish, or based on vegetables, without meat, according to various recipes, depending on national cuisine

Sushi and Rolls

Sushi and rolls – traditional food of Japanese cuisine, which are prepared from rice, fish, seaweed and Japanese spices and seasonings, sushi recipes are very diverse.


Pizza – a unique dish of Italian cuisine, widely used throughout the world, pizza recipes are present not only in Italian cuisine


Bread is the most common recipe in all cuisines of the world, bread recipes in one form or another are present in the culinary of any country.


Pancake recipes are present in cuisines around the world, pancakes are usually made from batter and have a small thickness, they can wrap the filling.


Pancakes are cooked according to a recipe similar to a pancake recipe, but a thicker dough is used, so pancakes usually get a little thicker than pancakes.


Recipes for making various cakes from different national cuisines of the world, traditional and new cake recipes.