Japanese Food

Tsubu-An Sweet Bean Paste

Tsubu an sweet bean paste – a Japanese cuisine recipe, this pasta is used to cook the filling for Mochi cakes.

Ebi-Tempura Roll

Ebi-tempura roll is a Japanese recipe made from batter-fried shrimp, cucumber and red caviar.

Sushi Rice (Sumeshi)

Sushi rice (Sumeshi) - a Japanese recipe, sumesi rice is the main ingredient for all types of sushi.

Zakuro-Zushi Sushi

Zakuro-zushi sushi is a Japanese recipe, pomegranate-shaped sushi looks very beautiful, and they are also very tasty.

Syake Maki Rolls

Syake-maki rolls rolls are a recipe for Japanese cuisine, a simple roll that includes a minimum of products, but it is very tasty.

Gunkan Maki Sushi

Gunkan maki sushi is a Japanese cuisine recipe, translated as sushi - a warship, gunkan-maki is sprinkled with flying fish caviar.

Kappa Maki Roll

Kappa maki roll - a recipe for Japanese cuisine, the roll is very simple, anyone can cook it.

Salmon Sashimi

Salmon sashimi is a Japanese recipe, sashimi is very easy to cook, the main thing is to cut it thinly and lay it beautifully.

Teishoku Roll

Teishoku roll is a Japanese recipe, the roll is prepared with salmon, pickled cucumber and cream cheese.

Pork Cutlet (Tonkatsu)

Pork Cutlet (Tonkatsu) – Japanese recipe, this patty is used in a number of dishes, served with fresh white cabbage and rice.

Grilled Chicken Meatballs

Grilled chicken meatballs (Tsukune)) – a recipe for Japanese cuisine, this is one of the varieties of yakitori, meatballs are pre-boiled.

Momiji Oroshi

Momiji Oroshi – Japanese dipping sauce recipe translates to red maple.

Chicken Liver Skewers

Chicken liver skewers – a recipe for Japanese cuisine, kebabs are cooked from all parts of the chicken and the liver is no exception.

Yakitori Sauce

Yakitori sauce – sauce recipe, in Japan they are coated with meat for cooking kebabs.

Tonkatsu Sauce

Tonkatsu sauce – Japanese cuisine sauce recipe, the sauce is served with the pork cutlet, it also suits all types of tempur.

Japanese Food

In the Japanese food section there are a large number of recipes of Japanese cuisine, there are many Japanese dishes, both classic and popular – sashimi, sushi or yakitori, as well as the lesser-known Japanese cuisine recipes, which are usually prepared at home.