Moldovan Food

Egg Cutlets

Egg cutlets - a recipe of Moldovan cuisine, a very interesting and tasty dish, cutlets are served with any tomato sauce.

Placinta with Potatoes

Placinta with potatoes – a recipe for Moldovan cuisine, placinta is a kind of flat cake with various fillings.

Semolina Caviar

Semolina caviar is a recipe for cooking Moldovan cuisine, of course, this is not caviar, but you can cook it for breakfast sandwiches.

Moldovan Pie with Bryndza Cheese

Moldovan pie with bryndza cheese – a recipe for cooking Moldovan cuisine, the filling for the pie is made from potatoes and feta cheese.

Potato Cutlets

Potato cutlets – a Moldovan cuisine recipe, you can serve sour cream with cutlets or make onion sauce.

Soroca Salad

Soroca salad – Moldovan cuisine recipe, very satisfying, salad can be spread on toasted bread slice and served as a snack.

Guduluf Hand Pies

Guduluf hand pies are Moldovan pies, the dough of which is made on the basis of mashed potatoes.

Plăcintă Pie

Plăcintă pie is a savory layered pie, a dish of Moldovan cuisine.

Sour Cream and Sweet Pepper

Sour cream and sweet pepper according to the recipe of Moldavian cuisine can be used both as an appetizer and as a side dish.


Gogoși - cookies made from shortbread dough with nuts and berries, a dish according to the recipe of Moldovan cuisine.

Cornmeal Cake

Cornmeal cake is a recipe of Moldavian cuisine; not only mamaliga is cooked from corn flour in Moldova.

Brynza Vertuta Pastry

Brynza vertuta pastry is a recipe of Moldavian cuisine, vertuta is somewhat reminiscent of a Bulgarian banitsa, folded in the form of a spiral.

Bryndza Cheese Omelet

Bryndza cheese omelet is a recipe of Moldavian cuisine, skrob is an omelet that is sprinkled with grated feta cheese on top.

Potato Roll with Pasta

Potato roll with pasta - a recipe of Moldovan cuisine, the roll will look good on the festive table.


Verzere is a national dish of Moldovan cuisine, a kind of pies with cabbage.


Mititei are beef sausages without a casing, a recipe from Moldovan cuisine.

Pork Chop in Dough

Pork chop in dough is a recipe of Moldavian cuisine, complex side dishes go well with this dish.


Mamaliga is a national dish of Moldavian cuisine, mamaliga is a steeply brewed cornmeal.

Broth with Omelette

Broth with omelette – a recipe for Moldovan cuisine, boiled chicken can be served separately or cooked as a separate dish.

Moldovan Cuisine Recipes

Moldavian cuisine is distinguished by the richness of recipes and the variety of products used in Moldavian recipes. Recipes of Moldovan cuisine embody the fertile land of Moldova and the rich historical roots of Moldovan cuisine, which borrowed a lot from both the East and the West. The main feature of the Moldavian cuisine is the geographical position of Moldova – since ancient times, it has been at the crossroads of many cultures that have contributed to the formation and development of the recipes of Moldavian cuisine.

Moldova is located in a region where natural conditions favor both animal husbandry and agriculture. Since ancient times, many varieties of vegetables and fruits have been grown in Moldova, poultry and almost all types of meat animals have been bred, they have been engaged in winemaking and cheese making. In addition, the geographical position of Moldova and its history have strongly influenced both the country itself and the recipes of national dishes. Moldavian cuisine was formed first under the influence of Greek and Turkish, Balkan and Western European cuisines, and then under the influence of Ukrainian national cuisine. Such a diversity of cultural, religious and culinary traditions has helped create many unique recipes for Moldovan cuisine.

Moldavian Dishes Recipes

Recipes of Moldavian dishes are very diverse due to the variety of products and the peculiarities of the preparation of Moldavian dishes, borrowed from different peoples and cultures and combined into the Moldavian national cuisine. Moldovan dishes deserve attention, but if there is no opportunity to be in Moldova and try all this in the original, it is quite possible to use some of the many dishes of Moldovan cuisine posted on the Kashewar website and enjoy getting to know the culinary traditions of Moldova.

Moldavian Food Recipes

In this section, you can find any recipes of Moldavian cuisine – both classic Moldavian dishes, such as placinda, hominy or chorba, as well as modern recipes of Moldavian dishes, distinguished by their simplicity of cooking and original taste.