Easter's Recipes

Easter's Recipes

What to Cook for Easter?

For Easter, you can cook dishes of various national cuisines, since Easter is celebrated in a very large number of countries around the world. For Easter, you can cook cottage cheese Easter or bake Easter cake with raisins, cook and decorate colored eggs, prepare Easter soup according to different recipes. You can also prepare Easter bread - stuffed braid, Greek Easter bread, English and Swedish Easter buns, Greek kulouraki. Meat dishes for Easter include jellied pork meat, baked meat, boiled pork, and various sausages. Fish dishes include fried, baked or stuffed fish, baskets with fish, fish aspic and many others. You can also prepare various salads - chicken salad, fresh vegetable salad and other salads according to a variety of Easter recipes.

Chips Nests with Eggs

Chips Nests with Eggs – a very appetizing and at the same time fun dish that you can offer your children for Easter.

Spring Eggs

Spring eggs – the perfect appetizer for Easter, everyone is used to the fact that the eggs are colored and multi-colored.

Almond Paskha

Almond paskha – an Ukrainian cuisine recipe, this curd dessert is cooked for Easter.

Armenian Easter Soup (Vozpiapur)

Armenian Easter Soup (Vozpiapur) – an Armenian cuisine recipe, the soup is very hearty, thick, rich, this soup is often prepared for Zatik (Easter).

Pasca Transcarpathian

Pasca transcarpathian – en Ukrainian cuisine recipe, pasca is cooked for Easter, it is very soft and stays that way for a long time

Easter Chicken Soup

Easter chicken soup – a Bulgarian cuisine recipe, light and at the same time hearty soup prepared from chicken giblets.

Hot Cross Bun

Lush, with the addition of muffin and candied fruit, the hot cross bun simply cannot but like.


Kuluraki – a Greek food recipe that has been cooked since the time of the Minoan civilization.

Royal Easter Cake

Royal Easter cake - a recipe for russian cuisine, Easter cake is prepared for Easter, with candied fruits, raisins, covered with icing on top.

Easter Orthodox

Easter Orthodox – a recipe for Russian cuisine, Easter is prepared from cottage cheese with the addition of candied fruit.

Traditional Easter Recipes

There are a number of dishes that are traditionally cooked for Easter celebrations. Although people usually try to cook a very large number of different dishes for Easter, for this holiday they definitely prepare Easter bread, eggs, a variety of meat and fish dishes, as well as a variety of salads. Recipes for making Easter bread are very varied and differ greatly depending on the country in which Christmas bread is prepared. This can be an Easter cake with various additives and decorations, paska according to different recipes, in Italy they prepare a stuffed braid with whole eggs and other fillings, in Greece - Easter bread, which also includes whole eggs, and in England and Sweden - Easter buns. In many countries, Easter soup is cooked for Easter. For this holiday, Orthodox Christians prepare cottage cheese Easter - a traditional dish of fresh cottage cheese with various fillings. In almost all countries where Easter is celebrated, chicken eggs are prepared and decorated for it; each country has its own traditions associated with this. Easter must include a large number of meat and fish dishes - oven-baked meat, boiled pork, homemade sausages, pork jellied meat, fried or baked fish, fish baskets, chicken salad and many other dishes. Easter is celebrated in the spring, so various salads from fresh vegetables are prepared for it.


Easter is one of the most important Christian holidays; this holiday is celebrated in honor of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, although the celebration of Easter itself dates back to the Ancient Testament and the Jewish holiday of Pesach. Initially, the Jewish holiday of Pesach or Passover was associated with agriculture and cattle breeding, and after the exodus of the Jewish people from Egyptian slavery, the celebration of Passover acquired a different meaning. Christian Easter, like Jewish Easter, is also a holiday of liberation, only the liberation of Christians from the slavery of sin through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Easter holiday is preceded by a long fast, and Orthodox Christians adhere to it especially strictly. During this period, except for religious rituals, eating meat and many other dishes is prohibited. But during the celebration of Easter these prohibitions are lifted, and a huge variety of dishes are cooked for it.

When is Easter in 2024, 2025 or 2026?

Every year the question arises: when will Easter be this year? Confusion about the date of Easter is caused by chronology - most Christian churches use the Gregorian calendar, some use the New Julian calendar, and some use the Julian calendar, which differs from the two previous calendars by about two weeks. But that’s not all - the date of Easter celebration is calculated according to the lunisolar calendar, so the celebration of Easter is not just shifted by two weeks - every year Easter is celebrated on different days, and at the same time in different calendars this date may be different, or may even coincide. For example, Easter in 2024, according to all calendars, is celebrated on Sunday, March 31, 2024, in 2025 - on April 20, but in 2026, Catholics will celebrate Easter on April 5, but Orthodox Christians will celebrate Easter a week later - on April 12.