Christmas Recipes

Recipes for Christmas

What to Cook for Christmas?

There are a wide variety of Christmas dishes and snacks you can cook for Christmas. Recipes for Christmas dishes are very diverse; in different countries of the world, various festive dishes are prepared for Christmas. For meat dishes for Christmas, you can cook baked turkey, goose, duck and other poultry or game according to a wide variety of recipes, baked ham, lamb, beef or pork dishes. For Christmas, you can also prepare fish dishes - baked or fried carp, perch, cod, shellfish and other seafood. Various types of baked goods are prepared for Christmas - Christmas cookies, gingerbread, buns, stollen, croquembouche and much more. Christmas pudding is one of the popular recipes in many countries around the world. You can cook a wide variety of recipes for Christmas drinks - from Christmas cocoa to mulled wine, punch and other alcoholic drinks.

Pork Sausage with Lentils

Pork sausage with lentils is a recipe from Italian cuisine, a typical dish on the Christmas menu and especially on New Year's Eve.

Mini Cheesecake with Salmon

Mini salmon cheesecake - an Italian recipe, a wonderful combination of saltine crackers, cream cheese and salted salmon.

Three Citrus Vodka

Three Citrus Vodka is a recipe for a drink from French cuisine, this drink is reminiscent of Limoncello.

Tuna Mousse

Tuna mousse is an Italian recipe that is very easy and quick to prepare.

Christmas Kutya with Nut Milk

Christmas Kutya with Nut Milk – 12 dishes should be present on the Christmas table, one and the most important thing is kutya.

Uzvar with Honey

Uzvar with honey – one of the main dishes for Christmas after kutya is uzvar.

Sicheniki Fish

Sicheniki fish – Ukrainian cuisine recipe, sicheniki can be cooked from pike perch, cod, perch, hake or pike.

Egg Nog in German

Egg Nog in German, an alcoholic drink, often prepared for the Christmas holidays.

Christmas Cocoa

Christmas cocoa – we know hot chocolate as a warm, spice-infused beverage.

Pumpkin Gingerbread Men

Pumpkin gingerbread men – Christmas baked goods are always colorful and interesting, filled with bright aromas.

Wafer Rolls

Wafer rolls – German cuisine recipe, cooked in East Frisia during Advent.

Duck with Apples

Duck with apples – such a duck can be cooked for any occasion, its cooking does not require too much attention

Traditional Christmas Recipes

One of the most popular Christmas recipes is roasted poultry or game. In most cases, the Christmas turkey or goose is prepared, sometimes chicken or duck; the bird is usually stuffed and baked in the oven or oven. In countries with access to the sea, recipes for fish and seafood dishes are popular at Christmas. Also, for this holiday, a wide variety of meat dishes are usually prepared from lamb, pork and beef - from baked hams to various types of sausages - the recipes for the dishes depend on the region in which Christmas is celebrated. Speaking about Christmas dishes, one cannot fail to mention the various baked goods that are prepared for this holiday. This could be Christmas cookies and gingerbread houses, profiteroles croquembouche or Christmas stollen, Christmas pudding, holiday bread, buns and much more. At Christmas, various drinks are popular, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic - Christmas cocoa, punch, mulled wine and many others.

Christmas Dishes from Around the World

Christmas is celebrated in many countries, and each country has its own culinary traditions for preparing dishes for this holiday. For example, in Great Britain they prepare turkey, Christmas pudding and sweet pies for Christmas, in USA they cook Christmas turkey, in Italy they cook various fish dishes, in Germany they cook roast goose, Christmas stollen and potato salad with sausages, in France they cook goose liver pate. , oysters and turkey in white wine, in Ukraine - turkey, duck or goose stuffed with apples, borscht with donuts, uzvar and kutya, in the Netherlands - rabbit, venison or game, in Spain - roast lamb, suckling pigs, meat pies, and in Finland - trout, salmon, baked ham, various types of casseroles and Christmas cookies.

Christmas Holiday

Christmas is one of the most important Christian holidays; all over the world on this day Christians celebrate the date of the birth of Christ. In many countries this holiday is a national holiday, in many it is simply a day off, and there are a number of countries in which Christmas is not celebrated. Along with its religious significance, throughout the world Christmas has acquired the features of a secular holiday and is largely associated with the celebration of the New Year. At Christmas, it is customary to gather with family, cook Christmas dishes, decorate the Christmas tree, give each other gifts and spend time with loved ones. In most Christian countries and churches living according to the Gregorian or New Julian calendar, Christmas is celebrated on December 25, and only orthodox Christians who adhere to the old Julian calendar consider the date of Christmas celebration to be January 7.