Christmas Turkey

Christmas turkey – recipe with photos, Jamie Oliver recipe
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Cooking Time:
3 hours
Recipe Yield:
8-10 servings
Simple recipe

Christmas turkey – of course, almost no one uses a whole turkey, it just does not fit in the oven. Usually use hybrid of a chicken and the domestic turkey or a large broiler chicken. So that the turkey’s breast is juicy, do not spare butter, cover it abundantly with a thick layer, and then salt and pepper. Again only in that order. If you do the opposite, the salt will pull all the juices out of the carcass and dry the breast. Cooking time depends on the carcass per 1 kg – 40 minutes.

Recipe Ingredients

Turkey 4-6 kg
Butter 50-70 g
Tangerine 5-6 pcs
Rosemary 2-3 twigs
Thyme 2-3 twigs

Cooking Recipe

To cook the recipe, a Christmas turkey carcass must be weighed to determine how long it takes to cook. Usually per 1 kg of turkey 30-40 minutes. Next, cut the tangerines in half and place them together with thyme and rosemary in a turkey carcass.

Cover the turkey with plenty of butter, salt and pepper. Jamie Oliver advises to fasten the carcass with a sprig of rosemary, but... failed. Sprigs of rosemary were not so hard, the skin did not pierce. Therefore, an ordinary toothpick saved. While preparing the turkey, turn on the oven at maximum power.

Cover the turkey with foil and put in the oven. Immediately reduce heating in the oven to 180°C (355°F). An hour before the turkey is completely cooked, the foil must be removed to form a beautiful crust. So, remove the foil, pour the turkey with the resulting liquid and put it back in the oven.

After cooking, remove the turkey from the oven, transfer to a dish and cover with foil, the meat should rest for at least an hour. Then remove the tangerines and serve. When you cut Christmas turkey into portions, squeeze the juice from the mandarin into pieces. All this is excellent, but how do you know if the turkey is ready? It is necessary to insert a thermometer into the thickest part of the carcass. A young bird is ready at 65°C (150°F), and more mature at 85°C (185°F).