Recipes with Salt

Salt – spice

Salt is probably the most famous seasoning in the whole world. Salt is used in cooking in all parts of the world, not a single dish is complete without salt. The main source of salt is sea water, or rock salt deposits formed on the site of the former seas in prehistoric times.

Salo in Onion Peel

Salo in onion peel, salo is a unique product from which you can cook a wide variety of snacks.


Adjika – a recipe for Georgian cuisine, this adjika is prepared without adding tomatoes, but on the basis of hot peppers and spices.

Salted Lemons

Salted lemons – a Moroccan cuisine recipe, salted lemons are used in the cooking of many Moroccan dishes.

Pickled Salmon

Pickled salmon – a German cuisine recipe, one of the ways to pickle salmon.

Green Ajika

Green ajika – Georgian sauce recipe, green adjika is made from fresh green hot peppers, herbs and spices.

Cold Salted Tomatoes

Cold salted tomatoes – a food preservation recipe for the winter, these tomatoes are cooked very quickly, but stored in a cold place.

Salted Tomatoes

Salted tomatoes – a food preservation recipe for the winter, the tastes of people are different, someone love pickled cucumbers, and someone pickles

Dill Salting

Dill salting – dill preservation recipe for the winter, there are many ways to prepare dill for the winter, you can freeze, dry, or you can salt it.

Salted Сucumbers

Salted cucumbers (fermented cucumbers) – cucumber preservation recipe for winter, crispy pickles without vinegar, taste like barrel cucumbers, crunchy tarragon and oak leaves.

Cucumbers in Grape Leaves

Cucumbers in grape leaves – food preservation recipe for the winter, it's almost two in one, dolma can be made from grape leaves.

Lightly Salted Cucumbers

Lightly salted cucumbers – an Ukrainian cuisine recipe, these cucumbers do not require pickle, they have enough herbs, spices and salt.

Quick Salted Cucumbers

Quick Salted Cucumbers – an Uzbek cuisine recipe, stuffed cucumbers are poured with tomato juice and after 2 days are ready.

Smoked Pork Belly

Smoked pork belly - a recipe for Ukrainian cuisine, you can cook smoked salo at home, you need to salt the pork belly before smoking.

Salting Zucchini

Salting Zucchini – a recipe for Moldovan cuisine, zucchini should be salted later than cucumbers, and consumed earlier.

Green Salty Tomatoes

Green salty tomatoes - a recipe for Ukrainian cuisine, salted tomatoes according to this recipe are almost barrel-cooked.