Chinese Food

Soba with Chicken and Vegetables

Soba with chicken and vegetables is a Chinese recipe, soba is a very popular noodle that can be cooked with various meats or vegetables.

Spring Rolls with Red Fish

Spring Rolls with Red Fish – Recipe of Chinese cuisine, such rolls are very popular, they are easy to prepare, they are very beautiful.

Fried Egg Rolls

Fried egg rolls are a Chinese recipe and are very good as a hearty breakfast.

Juicy Chicken with Potatoes

Juicy chicken with potatoes is a Chinese cuisine recipe, in China they believe that chicken meat is good to eat in winter.

Peking Duck Soup

Peking duck soup – a Chinese cuisine recipe, this soup is made with the bones and meat of a cooked Peking duck.

Beef Stew in a Pot

Beef stew in a pot – the recipe for cooking Chinese cuisine, oddly enough, but this name has a very famous soup in China.

Sweet Rice Balls (Yuanxiao)

Sweet rice balls (Yuanxiao) – a Chinese cuisine recipe, sweet balls are prepared on the day of the festival of lanterns.

Spring Style Steamed Fish

Spring style steamed fish – a Chinese cuisine recipe, it may well turn out to be the main dish on the festive table.

Fish Head with Gravy

Fish head with gravy – a Chinese cuisine recipe, this is not only a tasty and healthy dish, it also looks very impressive.

"Fish" from Buckwheat Flour

"Fish" from buckwheat flour – a Chinese cuisine recipe, "fish" in the form of shells are prepared from a mixture of buckwheat and wheat flour.

Beef in Egg Lace

Beef in egg lace – Chinese cuisine recipe, very original omelette preparation. And it's not only about its form, but also about its composition.

Peking Duck

Peking duck is a classic Chinese recipe, it is a very tasty dish, a Peking duck is being cooked for more than one day.

Stewed Duck

Stewed duck - a recipe for Chinese cuisine, the duck can be served with vegetables and the warm sauce in which it was cooked.

Chinese Recipes

Chinese food recipes are as diverse as China itself. Depending on the region of the country, Chinese recipes differ significantly from each other. Recipes for Chinese cuisine vary both because of the culinary traditions of the regions of China and because of the different products available in the area. In some regions, culinary recipes are dominated by fish and seafood, in others pork and beef. A universal ingredient in Chinese recipes is rice, which is part of a huge number of Chinese dishes.

Chinese Cuisine – History and Modernity

Chinese cuisine, like China itself, has a long history. Chinese cuisine has evolved over more than three thousand years, and the first Chinese cookbook was compiled over one and a half thousand years ago. Since its inception to this day, Chinese cuisine has been constantly developed and improved, and as a result, Chinese cuisine has established itself throughout the world as one of the most delicious and healthy. Chinese cuisine has wide regional variations, and each region has its own cooking habits. There are eight main regions with different culinary traditions and, accordingly, varieties of Chinese cuisine – Cantonese, Sichuan, Anhui, Shandong, Fujian, Jiangsu cuisine, Huan cuisine and Zhejiang cuisine.

Chinese Dishes

Chinese dishes are cooked from various products according to various recipes using all kinds of cooking methods – frying, boiling, baking, stewing, steaming and many others. A wok, a traditional Chinese frying pan with a concave bottom, is used to cook many Chinese dishes. Cooking Chinese dishes with a wok requires certain skills and dexterity, since intense heat is used and the cooking process is very fast. But it is precisely this cooking process that gives many Chinese dishes a unique flavor that is inherent only in traditional Chinese cuisine.