Spanish Food


Sangria - the recipe for making a drink of Spanish cuisine, in addition to the classic one, sangria can also be sparkling - with the addition of sparkling water.

Pisto Manchego

Pisto Manchego – Spanish cuisine recipe, vegetables and ham in La Manche.

Stuffed Eggplants

Stuffed Eggplants – national dish of Spanish cuisine, eggplants are stuffed with stew with vegetables and poured over with sauce.

Spanish Vegetables

This vegetable dish according to the recipe of Spanish cooks looks very bright and colorful, and it is also dietary.

Chicken Chanfayna

Chicken chanfayna – a traditional Spanish food recipe made from chicken fillet with the addition of dry white wine.

Chickpeas with Pork

Chickpeas with pork – Spanish food recipe, serve warm pork chickpeas with fresh tomato slices.

Onion Bread

Onion bread – a Spanish cuisine recipe, such bread is cooked in the north-west of Spain in Galicia, very tasty and fragrant.

Melon with Prosciutto

Melon with prosciutto – a Spanish cuisine recipe, prosciutto is dry-cured pork, this appetizer goes very well with red wine.

Bell Pepper Salad

Bell pepper salad – Spanish cuisine recipe, the basis for the salad is bell pepper.

Plum Cake

Plum cake – Spanish cuisine recipe, plums can be replaced with any other fruits.

Spanish Quince Pie

Spanish quince pie - a Spanish cuisine recipe, the pie recipe is very old, but still popular.

Paella Vegetarian

Vegetarian paella is a Spanish cuisine recipe, the basis of paella is rice and spices, and then seasonal vegetables.

Spanish Cuisine and its Recipes

Geography has had a significant impact on Spanish cuisine – the country is surrounded on three sides by water, so seafood, including tiny pink shrimp and giant lobsters, is the basis of Spanish cuisine. Beef is rarely on the table, except in the northern regions, where there are extensive pastures. But the chicken has a very large role in Spanish cuisine, as well as vegetables and fruits. In Spain, olives, grapes and oranges are grown in large quantities. Hills and rivers divide Spain into forty-seven provinces. Because of this isolation, each living in his own province, the locals have developed their own style and recipes for cooking, for this reason Spanish cuisine is a set of isolated culinary traditions. And only in the restaurants of Madrid gourmets can taste dishes from recipes from all regions of Spain. One of the most popular cooking methods is stewing, because all products are cooked in the same dish and over an open fire. In rural areas outside of Madrid, hunting for wild boars, quails, pheasants, deer is very popular. From all this abundance of meat, a variety of dishes are cooked.

Traditions and Dishes of Spanish Cuisine

A Spaniard's breakfast is small, it can be a piece of bread or a sandwich and coffee with milk or just coffee with milk. Everyone will envy the Spaniard's lunch, as at this time all businesses, schools are closed, and people go home to dine and relax with their families. Soup or salad is eaten first, followed by a main course with potatoes, rice or vegetables, and then dessert. Adults often end their meal with a cup of coffee, liqueur, or pour liqueur into coffee. Of course, for those who work far from home, there is little time for food, but the tradition is stronger, and during the siesta the streets of Spain freeze. At the end of the working day, many Spaniards are in no hurry to go home, because you can go to some cafe and chat with friends or just sit. Drinks are served with the famous Spanish appetizers – tapos. Tapos can be shrimp, eggs, potatoes, sausage, whatever. The Spaniards have dinner late, closer to eleven o'clock at night, mostly very lightly. Dinner may include Spanish dishes such as soup, salad, fruit, cheese or sandwiches.

Spanish Recipes

This section features Spanish food recipes, many famous Spanish dishes and drinks such as sangria, piperade or gazpacho, as well as many Spanish recipes that can be prepared from commonly available ingredients at home. Spain is diverse, and not only in climate and regions, but also in national cuisine. In Spanish cuisine, you can find everything you want, while the dishes will be very tasty, light and healthy. So cook Spanish recipes and enjoy the taste of Mediterranean dishes.