Melon with Prosciutto

Melon with prosciutto – recipe with photo, Spanish cuisine
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Cooking time: 15 minutes


Recipe yield: 6-8 servings

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Melon with prosciutto – a Spanish cuisine recipe, prosciutto is dry-cured pork, this appetizer goes very well with red wine.

Melon with prosciutto ingredients

Melon with prosciutto recipe

Melon with prosciutto

To cook a Spanish cuisine recipe, melon with prosciutto, peel melon from seeds and cut out small balls, literally for one bite. Cut the prosciutto very thinly. Put prosciutto on a portioned plate, place melon slices on top and serve. There is another filing option. Wrap pieces of melon in thinly sliced prosciutto and secure with skewers. If you wish, you can pour a snack from melons and prosciutto with olive oil and garnish with a sprig of basil when serving.

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