Smakovnik – recipe with photo, russian cuisine
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Cooking Time:
30 min.
Recipe Yield:
8-10 servings
Medium recipe

Smakovnik is a recipe of Russian cuisine, it can be cooked and served in two ways, choose which one you like.

Cooking Recipe

To cook a russian cuisine recipe, smakovnik will require a minimum of products that can be served in two ways. For one method, grate the processed cheese, finely chop the herring fillet. Mix herring with cheese and pepper. For another method, cut the cheese into rings or half rings, and herring the fillet into small pieces.

Bread for smakovnik needs black and only black will it emphasize the taste of cheese and salted herring. Grease thinly sliced bread with butter, and then cut into small pieces.

Now feed. The first way is to put a mixture of grated cheese and finely chopped herring on bread and butter.

The second way is even easier. Put cheese on the greased bread and a piece of herring on top. Garnish both the first and second versions of the sandwich with finely sprinkled greens and serve.