Food Recipes for Cinco de Mayo

Food Recipes for Cinco de Mayo

What to Cook for Cinco de Mayo?

Cinco de Mayo, or the fifth of May, is a holiday that originated in Mexico and gained popularity in the United States. On this day, festivals and carnivals are held, accompanied by Mexican national music and dances, as well as cooking various Mexican dishes and, of course, drinking various Mexican alcoholic drinks. What can you cook for Cinco de Mayo? Naturally - Mexican dishes! For Cinco de Mayo, you can cook a wide variety of tacos and fajitas, ceviche and nachos, Mexican chicken wings and burritos, salsa, quesadillas and many other traditional Mexican recipes.

Avocado Deep Fried

Deep-fried avocado - a recipe for Mexican cuisine, this recipe probably came as a surprise to some people.

Roast Pork Taco

Roasted pork tacos are a Mexican recipe that are an easy appetizer that can be prepared ahead of time.


Tamale – a Mexican cuisine traditional recipe, the basic principle of tamal is corn or banana leaves, tortilla and filling.

Alitas de Pollo

Alitas de pollo - a recipe for Mexican cuisine, marinated and baked chicken wings.

Mushroom Quesadillas

Mushroom quesadillas - a recipe for Mexican cuisine, mainly this dish is cooked in the summer, any mushrooms.

Beef Fajitas

Beef fajitas is a Mexican dish, all cooked components of the dish are served separately.

Chicken Enchiladas

Chicken enchiladas in tomato sauce with fresh peppers - a Mexican recipe, tortilla is best made from wheat flour.

Traditional Cinco de Mayo Recipes

Traditional recipes for Mexican cuisine are very diverse. Cinco de Mayo traditionally features a wide variety of Mexican dishes, snacks, and drinks. This holiday includes alitas de pollo and tamales, mushroom quesadillas and beef fajitas, chicken enchiladas with sauce and chicken enchiladas, Mexican chicken wings, chilaquiles and many other traditional Mexican recipes. To celebrate Cinco de Mayo, they also prepare citrus ceviche with shrimp and pork burritos, cheese quesadillas and chicken fajitas, avocado salsa and tacos according to a wide variety of recipes. Traditional drinks for Cinco de Mayo are beer and tequila.

History and Traditions of Cinco de Mayo

The history of Cinco de Mayo dates back to the events of the nineteenth century, when the Battle of Puebla took place on May 5, 1862, in which a small Mexican army defeated well-armed French troops. Since then, celebrations dedicated to this date have been held every year in the state of Puebla. However, Cinco de Mayo is not an official Mexican holiday, and most Mexicans do not celebrate it. But in the mid-twentieth century, what happened with many other holidays, such as Mardi Gras or St. Patrick's Day, they gained enormous popularity in the United States of America. It was there that Mexican Americans began to celebrate this holiday en masse. Currently, in the United States, Cinco de Mayo is celebrated in most southern states, during which time folk festivals, carnivals and even a beer festival are held. The producers of beer, tequila and other Mexican alcoholic beverages played a big role in the popularization of this holiday; for this reason, there is even a humorous name for this holiday - Cinco de Drinko, which clearly hints at the peculiarities of its celebration. Thus, although not a public holiday either in Mexico itself or in the United States of America, Cinco de Mayo gained wide popularity and became one of the well-known national holidays.