Belarusian Food

Salad of Beets and Cucumbers

Salad of beets and cucumbers – Belarusian cuisine recipe, boiled beetroot salad, fresh sliced cucumbers, onions and eggs.

Potato Casserole with Barley

Potato casserole with barley – a recipe for Belarusian cuisine, when serving, you can pour sour cream or serve it separately.

Baked Potatoes with Meat

Baked potatoes with meat – recipe for cooking Belarusian cuisine, you can take any meat - beef, pork or poultry will do.

Potato Pies with Cabbage

Potato pies with cabbage – a recipe for cooking Belarusian cuisine, so that the dough does not fall apart, the potatoes need to be dried.

Chicken and Mushroom Salad

Chicken and mushroom salad – recipe for cooking Belarusian cuisine, mushrooms for salad can be used fresh or dry.

Borisovsky Salad

Borisovsky salad – a Belarusian cuisine recipe, at first glance it seems that the products are not combined, but this is not so.

Tomato and Cheese Salad

Tomato and cheese salad – recipe for cooking Belarusian cuisine, very interesting and light salad.

Cold Borscht with Kefir

Cold borscht with kefir – a Belarusian cuisine recipe, kefir is mixed with water, boiled beets, fresh cucumbers and herbs.

Potato and Mushroom Cutlets

Potato and mushroom cutlets – a Belarusian cuisine recipe, cutlets are easy to prepare, in addition to them, you can serve a light salad.

Pumpkin Pancakes

Pumpkin pancakes – a Belarusian pancake recipe with pumpkin puree, pancakes are cooked using yeast.

Sour Cream New Potatoes

Sour cream new potatoes - a recipe for cooking Belarusian cuisine, when serving hot potatoes, you can sprinkle with finely chopped dill

Snack Caviar from Herring

Snack caviar from herring is a recipe of Belarusian cuisine, thanks to carrots, caviar has a pleasant color and emphasizes the taste of fish.

Pie with Apples

Belarusian apple pie is made from yeast dough with fragrant apples.

Potato Millet Casserole

Potato millet casserole - a recipe for Belarusian cuisine, bulba translated from Belarusian - potatoes.

Potato Brushwood

Potato brushwood is a recipe for Belarusian cuisine, brushwood turns out to be very airy and crispy.

Mushroom Deviled Eggs

Mushroom deviled eggs - a recipe of Belarusian cuisine, dried porcini mushrooms are used for minced meat.

Jam Shortbread Tart

Jam shortbread tart is a recipe of Belarusian cuisine, grated dough gives the pie an interesting surface.

Cabbage Egg Nests

Cabbage egg nests are a recipe for Belarusian cuisine, it is desirable that the yolk is not baked too much.

Belarusian Recipes

Belarusian food recipes are very diverse. And although many Belarusian recipes contain potatoes, Belarusian cuisine is much more interesting – it is one of the most diverse national European cuisines. Belarusian food recipes have absorbed the traditions of many nationalities – Slavs, Scandinavians, Europeans, Jews and many others, while maintaining their originality. Therefore, although it is believed that potatoes are the second bread in Belarusian cuisine, one cannot reduce all Belarusian food recipes to potatoes only. Many vegetables, legumes, mushrooms are used in the recipes of the Belarusian cuisine, as well as in the Belarusian food there are many different dishes from meat and fish. Also, speaking about what Belarusian cuisine is, one should not forget about bread and other pastries.

Belarusian Cuisine and its Dishes

Belarusian cuisine includes many dishes that can be cooked from a wide variety of products. In Belarusian cuisine, dishes made from meat, fish, poultry, and various vegetables are widely represented. Also, Belarusian cuisine is rich in dishes that are cooked on the basis of milk and dairy products. Due to the fact that the territory of Belarus is covered with forests, the gifts of the forest are often used in Belarusian cuisine – primarily mushrooms – they are eaten fresh, dried, salted or pickled. In addition, forest berries are widely used in Belarusian cuisine – blueberries, blueberries, strawberries, lingonberries, raspberries, and cranberries. And Belarusian cuisine and potato dishes are another story altogether.

Belarusian Potato Dishes

Of course, one cannot describe Belarusian dishes without mentioning potatoes. It does not matter who and when brought it to Belarus, but it was there that the potatoes found a worthy use. There is probably no such huge number of potato dishes as in Belarus in any water country in the world. It is not for nothing that potatoes are considered to be the second bread. Potato head, sorcerers, potato pancakes, hoofs, stew, watering – how can you really mention all Belarusian potato dishes? Potatoes are boiled, stewed, fried, baked, combined with many meat, fish, vegetable products, salads, pastries and other Belarusian dishes are made from it.

Belarusian Cuisine Recipes

Traditional and modern Belarusian cuisine recipes will not leave anyone indifferent. Dishes cooked according to Belarusian food recipes from meat or fish, vegetables or fruits – all of them are distinguished by a unique taste inherent in Belarusian cuisine. In order to taste Belarusian food, it is not at all necessary to go to Belarus – you can use the proven recipes of Belarusian dishes from our website and cook them at home.