Pilaf Recipes

Pilaf with Anchovy

Pilaf with anchovy – quite an interesting original way of cooking pilaf with fish.

Eggplant Pilaf

Eggplant pilaf – a Turkish cuisine recipe, in this pilaf, meat is replaced with eggplants.

Chickpea Bulgur Pilaf

Chickpea bulgur pilaf is a recipe for Turkish cuisine, it may seem to someone that pilaf is boring and monotonous, but not in Turkey.

Vegetarian Pulao

Vegetarian pulao is an Indian cuisine recipe, vegetarian pilaf is very diverse and there are many cooking options, this is one of them.

Lamb and Lentil Rice Pilaf

Lamb and lentil rice pilaf is a recipe of Azerbaijani cuisine, cinnamon very well emphasizes the taste of meat, and especially lamb.

Uzbek Chicken Pilaf

Chicken pilaf is a recipe for Uzbek cuisine; for pilaf, you can take a whole chicken carcass, or you can use thighs or wings.

Uzbek Pilaf

Uzbek pilaf is made from lamb, sometimes from beef, and sometimes Uzbek pilaf is cooked with the addition of dried fruits.

Chicken Pilaf

Chicken pilaf - a Turkish cuisine recipe, raisins in pilaf go very well with chicken and rice.

Armenian Pilaf

Armenian pilaf is very interesting and original in preparation, Armenian pilaf is a tasty and original dish.

Pilaf with Shirin-Qovurma

Pilaf with shirin-qovurma is an Azerbaijani dish, shirin-govurma is a sweet roast made from meat, onions and dried fruits.

Pilaf recipes

Pilaf - a rice-based recipe that has become popular not only in Asian countries that are home to pilaf, but also in other countries, pilaf recipes are very diverse - it can be Uzbek pilaf, Armenian pilaf or hamsa pilaf, as well as other recipes pilaf.