Pilaf with Chicken, Kazmag and Dried Fruits

Pilaf with chicken, kazmag and dried fruits – recipe with photo, Azerbaijani cuisine
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Cooking Time:
2 hours
Recipe Yield:
4 kg
Medium recipe

Pilaf with chicken, kazmag and dried fruits – Azerbaijani cuisine recipe, one of the festive dishes on Nowruz Bayram. Properly cooked and beautifully laid pilaf will always be the main and main course on the table.

Recipe Ingredients

For Pilaf
Rice 1 kg
Butter 100 g
Salt 50 g
Water 6 l
For Frying
Chicken 1 pcs
Onion 2-3 pcs
Raisins 200 g
Butter 3 tbsp
For Kazmag
Wheat Flour 700 g
Eggs 2 pcs
Water 4 tbsp
Butter 3 tbsp

Cooking Recipe

To cook pilaf with chicken, kazmag and dried fruits according to the recipe of Azerbaijani cuisine, pour the washed rice into boiling salted water and boil until half cooked. When the rice is cooked, place it on a sieve and let the water drain.

Divide the chicken into portions. Cut the onion in half rings and lightly fry in butter. Transfer the chopped chicken to the onion, salt, pepper and fry over medium heat until cooked.

Fry dried fruits in butter in a separate frying pan. It is necessary to fry dried fruits over a very low heat, stirring occasionally so as not to burn out.

While rice is being cooked, it is necessary to cook a kazmag. Beat eggs lightly with water, salt and melted butter. Pour the flour in parts and knead the dough. Roll out the prepared dough into a layer of 1-1.5 mm. Warm the roasting pan, grease well with butter, put the kazmag.

Spread the kazmag with butter and put a portion of rice on top, sprinkle with melted butter with saffron diluted in it, and cover with the rest of the rice. On top of the rice also sprinkle with the remaining saffron oil. Cover the roasting pan tightly with a lid and put on a slow fire or divider until the liquid has completely evaporated (15-20 minutes). When the rice is fully cooked, you can collect pilaf. Put rice on a large plate or tray, lay the fried dried fruits around, cut the kazmag into segments or rhombuses, and also put on rice. Also, nicely put chicken pieces with onions on the rice and serve. In addition to dried apricots and raisins, dates and chestnuts can be added to such pilaf, and the taste of meat can be supplemented by adding sumy to it.