Recipes with Eggs

Eggs – recipe ingredient

Eggs are one of the most typical foods, and chicken eggs are the most widely used. They are used in all sectors of cooking – eggs can be eaten raw, boiled eggs and fried eggs are widely used, without eggs it is difficult to prepare confectionery or pastries – the scope of chicken eggs in cooking is huge.

Bloody Eggs

Bloody eggs are a German recipe, a simple appetizer, but for Halloween.

Kimbap with Mackerel

Kimbap with mackerel is a Korean recipe, very simple and satisfying with simple ingredients.

Egg Cutlets

Egg cutlets - a recipe of Moldovan cuisine, a very interesting and tasty dish, cutlets are served with any tomato sauce.

Fried Egg Rolls

Fried egg rolls are a Chinese recipe and are very good as a hearty breakfast.

Zakuro-Zushi Sushi

Zakuro-zushi sushi is a Japanese recipe, pomegranate-shaped sushi looks very beautiful, and they are also very tasty.

Spring Eggs

Spring eggs – the perfect appetizer for Easter, everyone is used to the fact that the eggs are colored and multi-colored.

Meatballs with Quince

Meatballs with quince – the recipe is very simple, quince saturates the sauce and gives the meatballs a pleasant taste.

Alsatian Apple Pie

Alsatian apple pie – very tasty and simple recipe from apples filled with a mixture of cream, milk, sugar and vanilla.

Sicheniki Fish

Sicheniki fish – Ukrainian cuisine recipe, sicheniki can be cooked from pike perch, cod, perch, hake or pike.

Buns with Cheese for Beer

Buns with cheese for beer – delicate airy buns stuffed with hard cheese and a slice of tomato, a wonderful snack for beer.

Cookies "Canestrelli"

Cookies "Canestrelli" – recipe for Italian pastry, the name of the cookie is from the word canestro, which means basket.

Sardines in Puff Pastry

Sardines in puff pastry – puff pastry snack recipe, you can cook puff pastry yourself, or you can use store bought.