Uzbek Food

Salad "Gulistan"

Salad "Gulistan" – a recipe for Uzbek cuisine, the salad includes many different, at first glance, incompatible products.


Katlama – puff cakes with onion filling, a recipe for Uzbek cuisine.

Fresh Vegetable Salad with Meat

Fresh vegetable salad with meat – an Uzbek cuisine recipe, such an unpretentious salad is simple and at the same time satisfying.


Shurpa-kainatma – an Uzbek cuisine recipe, vegetables for shurpa are cut in large pieces, potatoes are cut in half.

Quick Salted Cucumbers

Quick Salted Cucumbers – an Uzbek cuisine recipe, stuffed cucumbers are poured with tomato juice and after 2 days are ready.

Nowruz Salad

Nowruz Salad – en Uzbek cuisine recipe, the name of the salad speaks for itself, they are cooking it for the spring holiday – Nowruz Bayram.

Quince Jam

Quince jam - a recipe for Uzbek cuisine, quince jam has a very beautiful color and wonderful aroma.


Shah-pumpkin - a recipe for cooking meat in a pumpkin with onion, fat and spices.

Tandyr Nan (Obi Non)

Tandyr nan (Obi non) are homemade Uzbek flatbreads made from yeast dough, flatbreads are usually baked in a tandoor.

Yupka Dehkan

Yupka dehkan is a recipe of Uzbek cuisine. Yupka is prepared on the basis of onion infusion.


Khanum - a recipe for Uzbek cuisine, rolls can be cooked not only for vegetables, but also for meat.


Sangza - a recipe of Uzbek cuisine, crispy, and at the same time, air flagella, sprinkle with powdered sugar when serving.

Urama, Kush Tili

Urama, kush tili is a recipe for Uzbek cuisine, urama, kush tili is brushwood cut into strips.

Uzbek Chicken Pilaf

Chicken pilaf is a recipe for Uzbek cuisine; for pilaf, you can take a whole chicken carcass, or you can use thighs or wings.

Uzbek Lula Kebab

Lula kebab in Uzbek cuisine is usually made from beef and lamb with the addition of eggs or soda.

Fish Sausages

Cooking fish sausages does not take much time; fish sausages are often served with mashed potatoes.

Rolls "Zarafshan"

Rolls "Zarafshan" - a dish of Uzbek cuisine, very tasty and satisfying, well suited as a hearty breakfast.

Uzbek Food

The Uzbek food section contains various recipes for Uzbek dishes, including traditional Uzbek recipes – Uzbek pilaf, Ayran or Namangan kebab, as well as modern Uzbek dishes and everyday food recipes for cooking Uzbek cuisine.