Festive Uzbek Pilaf "Abundance"

Festive Uzbek pilaf "Abundance" – recipe with photo, Uzbek cuisine
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Cooking Time:
4 hours 30 min.
Recipe Yield:
4,5 kg
Medium recipe

Festive Uzbek pilaf "Abundance" – a Uzbek cuisine recipe, such pilaf is cooked in Nowruz Bayram, for honored guests it is desirable to have all the ingredients on a platter (lagan) with pilaf. So that pilaf does not turn out to be dry, meat should be selected with fatty layers. In addition to pilaf, a radish is served in Uzbekistan, it can be any: green, red or white (daikon). Black radish is not suitable, as it has a too pronounced sharp taste.

Recipe Ingredients

Rice 1 kg
Beef 800 g
Tail Fat 300 g
Carrots 400 g
Onion 500 g
Garlic 3-4 heads
Quince 2 pcs
Chickpeas 150 g
Raisins 50 g
For Decoration
Green Radish 1 pcs
Onion 1 pcs
Carrots 1 pcs
Eggs 2 pcs

Cooking Recipe

To make a Uzbek cuisine recipe, a festive Uzbek pilaf "Abundance", onion, peel, cut into half rings and fry in melted fat tail fat.

Separate the meat from the bone and cut into medium slices. When the onion in the cauldron softens and changes color, add chopped meat and fry until light golden brown.

While the meat is fried, peel the carrots and cut into a small cube, approximately the size of green peas. Add carrots to the fried meat and onions and mix. Simmer over medium heat until carrots are slightly soft.

After adding pre-soaked chickpeas, peeled and cut into 4 parts quince without seeds, add the whole garlic, pour about 1 cm higher than the products with water, cover and cook over low heat until the peas are cooked. If necessary, add more water.

When the chickpeas become soft, you can pepper, salt and pour rice, pour in water 1 cm higher than rice, and cook over high heat for 15 minutes.

Reduce heat to a minimum, pour raisins, cover and let stand for 20-25 minutes. Mix the cooked holiday pilaf, separate the quince and garlic - they will decorate the pilaf. Put the festive Uzbek pilaf on a dish, decorate and serve.

To decorate the festive Uzbek pilaf, boil carrots and eggs. Peel and cut the eggs into 4 parts, cut the carrots into circles, triangles or asterisks. Peel and cut onions with rosettes (baskets). Pour pomegranate seeds into onion baskets. Peel the radish, cut into strips or thin slices and salt. Everything, a festive Uzbek pilaf can be served.