Recipes with Quince

Quince – recipes ingredient

Quince (lat. Cydōnia) is a fruit tree, quince fruits have a unique aroma and serve as ingredients in many recipes. Quince fruits are usually not consumed in their raw form, quinces prepare sweet dishes and drinks - jelly, marmalade, jam, in addition, quince is involved in recipes for meat and other dishes in many countries of Asia and Europe. Quince is also successfully used in traditional medicine.

Meatballs with Quince

Meatballs with quince – the recipe is very simple, quince saturates the sauce and gives the meatballs a pleasant taste.

Quince with Nuts and Raisins

Quince with nuts and raisins – there are a lot of quince dishes and all of them can adequately qualify for the main dish.

Salad "Gulistan"

Salad "Gulistan" – a recipe for Uzbek cuisine, the salad includes many different, at first glance, incompatible products.

Quince Dessert

Quince dessert – a recipe of Turkish cuisine, sour cream very well complements and emphasizes the taste of quince.

Quince Pie with Liquor

Quince pie with liquor – a recipe of Jewish cuisine, a gentle cream with quince on a shortbread cake, it tastes just fantastic.

Pickled Quince

Pickled quince – conservation recipe from quince, apple cider vinegar, sugar and spices.

Quince Marmalade

Quince marmalade (cotognata) – an Italian cuisine for beautiful, fragrant and very tasty marmalade.

Tarte Taten with Quince

Tarte taten with quince – a recipe of French cuisine, tarte taten can be prepared with different fruits, it is very beautiful from quince.

Quince Chutney

Quince chutney is Indian cuisine recipe, chutney can be cooked from any vegetables and fruits, served with rice, chicken and other dishes.

Cheesecake with Quince

Cheesecake with quince – Azerbaijani cuisine recipe, quince for a pie can be scrolled in a meat grinder or grated.

Quince Liqueur

Quince liqueur – a recipe for a delicious alcoholic drink from quince, vodka and sugar.

Spanish Quince Pie

Spanish quince pie - a Spanish cuisine recipe, the pie recipe is very old, but still popular.

Quince Jam

Quince jam - a recipe for Uzbek cuisine, quince jam has a very beautiful color and wonderful aroma.