Ukrainian Food

Christmas Kutya with Nut Milk

Christmas Kutya with Nut Milk – 12 dishes should be present on the Christmas table, one and the most important thing is kutya.

Salo in Onion Peel

Salo in onion peel, salo is a unique product from which you can cook a wide variety of snacks.

Uzvar with Honey

Uzvar with honey – one of the main dishes for Christmas after kutya is uzvar.

Sicheniki Fish

Sicheniki fish – Ukrainian cuisine recipe, sicheniki can be cooked from pike perch, cod, perch, hake or pike.

Soup with Semolina

Soup with Semolina – Ukrainian cuisine recipe, easy to prepare and very hearty soup.

Pea Zrazy

Pea Zrazy – the recipe for cooking Ukrainian cuisine, the dough for zraz can be different, in this case - from peas and semolina.

Potato Cookies

Potato cookies – unsweetened pastries from recipes of Ukrainian cuisine, such cookies can be served with tea or borscht.

Onion Cookies

Onion cookies – recipe for cooking savory pastries of Ukrainian cuisine, slightly salty cookies with a delicate taste and aroma of onions.

Potato Fingers

Potato fingers – a recipe for Ukrainian cuisine, crispy on the outside, soft and airy on the inside.

Green Borscht

Green borscht (sorrel soup) – a Ukrainian cuisine recipe, a green borscht is cooked from beef broth with the addition of fresh or canned sorrel.

Ukrainian Lecho

Ukrainian lecho – a Ukrainian cuisine recipe, the famous Hungarian recipe is cooked in many countries, and each in its own way.

Lightly Salted Cucumbers

Lightly salted cucumbers – an Ukrainian cuisine recipe, these cucumbers do not require pickle, they have enough herbs, spices and salt.

Almond Paskha

Almond paskha – an Ukrainian cuisine recipe, this curd dessert is cooked for Easter.

Pasca Transcarpathian

Pasca transcarpathian – en Ukrainian cuisine recipe, pasca is cooked for Easter, it is very soft and stays that way for a long time

Mushroom Borsch with "Ears"

Mushroom borsch with "ears" – Ukrainian cuisine recipe, ears are cooked with buckwheat filling and serve as a good addition to borsch.

Ukrainian Recipes

Ukrainian food recipes are very diverse, they can be simple and complex – a borscht recipe can include more than a dozen ingredients, up to a recipe for fried salo with onions, which can also contain salt and ground black pepper. Ukrainian recipes may not be the most dietary in the world, but the same can be said for most of the world's traditional cuisines. Most of the homemade recipes of Ukrainian cuisine, as well as the cuisines of other nations, aim to feed, not surprise, but at the same time, Ukrainian recipes are both tasty and satisfying.

Ukrainian Cuisine

Ukrainian cuisine has been formed over the centuries under the influence of both the traditions of the Ukrainian people and other peoples with whom the Ukrainians have come into contact in one way or another. Moreover, this influence was expressed not so much in the borrowing of recipes for dishes from the cuisines of other nations, but rather in the penetration into Ukrainian cuisine of cooking methods that were used in other national cuisines. Therefore, in addition to the traditional method of cooking Ukrainian dishes – boiling, it is used as frying, borrowed from Turkish and Tatar cuisines, the use in recipes of ground meat used in German cuisine or sweet pepper, popular in the national cuisines of Eastern Europe – Hungarian, Bulgarian and other cuisines. Thanks to the unification of the centuries-old culinary traditions of the Ukrainian people and borrowing the best products and methods of cooking, today Ukrainian cuisine is rightfully considered one of the best national cuisines in the world.

Traditional Ukrainian Dishes

Traditional Ukrainian dishes are the hallmark of Ukraine all over the world. Such Ukrainian dishes as Ukrainian borsch or dumplings, vareniks or salo in various versions, uniquely define their belonging to Ukrainian cuisine. But Ukrainian dishes are not limited to salo and borscht – Ukrainian cuisine is much more varied. In addition to borscht, Ukrainian cuisine includes many soups – pea soup, green borscht, buckwheat soup, borscht with ears, cabbage soip and many others, the main Ukrainian dishes are cabbage rolls and dumplings, sicheniki and dumplings, fried bacon and salo with garlic, tortillas and potato pancakes, jellied meat and kulesh, dushenina and zrazy, cracklings and boiled pork, and much more. Ukrainian dishes include a variety of pastries – verguns and dumplings, cheesecakes and shortbreads, loaves and lies, pastries and shuliks, as well as pancakes and pancakes, cheesecakes and cakes.

Ukrainian Cuisine Recipes

Ukrainian Cuisine Recipes are as diverse as Ukraine itself, and everyone can find Ukrainian dishes to their taste according to the recipes presented on our website. Homemade dishes of Ukrainian cuisine do not need exotic products, and their preparation does not require sophisticated equipment or professional culinary skills, but for all their simplicity, recipes for Ukrainian cuisine will make an indelible impression on everyone who has tried them at least once.