Pea Zrazy

Pea Zrazy – recipe with photo, Ukrainian cuisine
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Cooking time: 1 h 30 minutes

Difficulty: Medium recipe

Recipe yield: 10-12 pcs

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Pea Zrazy – the recipe for cooking Ukrainian cuisine, the dough for zraz can be different, in this case - from peas and semolina. If the dough turns out to be too liquid during cooking, you need to add flour to it. For the filling, you can use any meat, pork with lard or beef will go well. Fried onions add juiciness to the filling. You can serve pea zrazy with milk or mushroom sauce or sour cream.

Pea Zrazy Ingredients

Pea Zrazy Recipe

Peas on a spoon

For a recipe for Ukrainian cuisine pea zrazy, pour water over the peas and let them swell. When the peas have absorbed enough water and swell, pour cold water over them and boil until tender.

Pea puree

Throw boiled peas on a sieve and let the water drain, and then crush or pass through a meat grinder.


In a separate bowl, boil 2 cups of water, add semolina, mix and, stirring occasionally, cook the semolina for 15 minutes. It is best to stir with a wooden spatula and try to evaporate as much water from the porridge as possible.

Dough for zraz

Combine semolina and peas, salt and pepper. If the dough is too runny for you, add flour. The amount of flour depends on how you cooked semolina porridge, but the dough for zraz should not be tight, it should be soft and stick slightly to your hands.

Minced meat for zraz

Prepare minced meat from pork. Finely chop the onion and fry in hot oil until slightly golden brown. Add minced meat to the onion, season with salt, pepper and fry until the minced meat changes color.

Formation of zraz

Pinch off a small piece of pea dough and roll out a small cake. Put the filling in the middle of the cake and connect the edges. Form zrazy, dip them in beaten eggs, then in bread crumbs, and fry in a pan with vegetable oil.

Pea zrazy

Fry pea zrazy on all sides, turning occasionally. Serve ready-made pea zrazy hot with sauce or sour cream. You can serve salad or greens as a side dish for pea zraz.

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