Recipes with Butter

Butter – recipe ingredient

Butter is a valuable food product, butter in most cases is made of cow's milk, less often – from the milk of goats, sheep and other animals. Butter is obtained by churning or separating cream. Butter is widely used in cooking – products are fried in butter, butter is included in baking recipes and many other dishes.

Alsatian Apple Pie

Alsatian apple pie – very tasty and simple recipe from apples filled with a mixture of cream, milk, sugar and vanilla.

Gnocchi Ingrassato

Gnocchi Ingrassato – simple and very satisfying bread recipe, raw smoked sausage can be replaced with any other dried meat.

Buns with Cheese for Beer

Buns with cheese for beer – delicate airy buns stuffed with hard cheese and a slice of tomato, a wonderful snack for beer.

Cookies "Canestrelli"

Cookies "Canestrelli" – recipe for Italian pastry, the name of the cookie is from the word canestro, which means basket.


Pretzel – a recipe for German cuisine, very popular pretzels are made in Bavaria at festivities such as Oktoberfest.

Torte «Sacher»

Torte «Sacher» – the most famous Austrian cake in the world is the result of several fortunate twists of fate.

Lemon Curd

Lemon curd – british cuisine dessert recipe, kurd can be used as a spread on bread.

Cake Pigeon's Milk

Cake Pigeon's Milk – a very popular cake in Soviet times was invented by a confectioner at the Prague restaurant.

Cake "Fairy Tale"

Cake "Fairy Tale" – the recipe consists of a soaked biscuit and butter cream, with cocoa and candied watermelon added for decoration.

Chicken Liver Pate

Chicken liver pate – for some reason, everyone is used to the fact that pâtés are France.

Shortcrust Pastry Ring with Nuts

Shortcrust pastry ring with nuts - the recipe is very simple, nuts can be any, but peanuts are better, although walnuts are also suitable.

Cupcake "Capital's"

Cupcake "Capital's" - according to this recipe, the cupcake turns out to be very juicy, airy and with a lot of raisins.


Sochniki - a baking recipe, delicious shortcrust pastry pies with cottage cheese filling.

Roll «Sausage»

Roll "sausage" is a recipe for a confectionery product that has been familiar to everyone since childhood.

Puff Pastry

Puff pastrycan be cook in advance and stored in the freezer for a long time, it takes 3-4 hours to cook.