Drink Recipes

Three Citrus Vodka

Three Citrus Vodka is a recipe for a drink from French cuisine, this drink is reminiscent of Limoncello.

Pumpkin Cocktail

Pumpkin Cocktail is a simple American cocktail recipe for the fall season.

Pumpkin Martini

The Pumpkin Martini is a fabulous, creamy American drink that's perfect for both Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Pumpkin Latte

Pumpkin latte is an American recipe, the famous latte from Starbucks.

Dill Cocktail

Dill Cocktail – swedish cuisine recipe, fragrant and beautiful cocktail.

Uzvar with Honey

Uzvar with honey – one of the main dishes for Christmas after kutya is uzvar.

Grape Liqueur

Grape liqueur – this liqueur is made from the common Isabella grape variety.

Watermelon Lemonade

Watermelon lemonade – lemonades are prepared not only from lemons, but also from other fruits and berries.

Pear and Ginger Tea

Pear and ginger tea – fragrant, rich and healthy tea, which is very good in the autumn season.

Viburnum Seed Coffee

Viburnum seed coffee – a recipe for Russian cuisine, long forgotten, but it's a pity - there are a lot of useful substances in the seeds.

Irish Coffee

Irish coffee – An excellent warming alcoholic cocktail based on coffee, whipped cream and Irish whiskey.

Egg Nog in German

Egg Nog in German, an alcoholic drink, often prepared for the Christmas holidays.


Sangria - the recipe for making a drink of Spanish cuisine, in addition to the classic one, sangria can also be sparkling - with the addition of sparkling water.

Tomato Juice with Herbs and Pepper

Tomato juice with herbs and pepper – drink recipe, tomato juice with spices - a light and refreshing drink, in addition, it is also satisfying.

Tarragon Syrup

Tarragon Syrup – a recipe for Georgian cuisine, you can make a refreshing summer drink from syrup.

Christmas Cocoa

Christmas cocoa – we know hot chocolate as a warm, spice-infused beverage.

Drink recipes

The drinks section contains various drink recipes – alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, cold and hot drinks based on natural juices, milk, tinctures or decoctions, for example – sangria, apple punch, ayran, Irish coffee and many other drinks and their recipes.