Grape Liqueur

Grape liqueur - recipe with photo, drinks
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Cooking Time:
1 hour
Recipe Yield:
1 l
Medium recipe

Grape liqueur – this liqueur is made from the common Isabella grape variety. For everyone, it is more customary to make wine from it, but the liquor is very rich and tasty with a bright beautiful color. In the finished liquor, there is a sediment, so it is better to store the liquor in a jar, and strain it into a bottle before serving.

Recipe Ingredients

Vodka 650 ml
Sugar 240 g
Cinnamon 1 pcs
Clove 3 pcs

Cooking Recipe

The recipe for grape liqueur is very simple. Separate the grapes from the branches, transfer to a sieve, rinse and lightly dry.

In a bowl, mash the grapes with a fork, transfer to a jar, add sugar (120 g), cinnamon and cloves. Then pour in vodka, close tightly and put in a dark, cool place for 1 month.

After the remaining sugar, combine with 2 tbsp. water and put on fire, when the sugar melts, remove from heat and let cool.

Meanwhile, strain the grapes. Add sugar syrup to the liquor, close and set aside for at least 10 days. During this time, all products will combine and precipitate. After the time has elapsed, strain liquor into a bottle and drink.