American Food

Cobb salad

Cobb salad is a recipe for American cuisine, it’s like a calling card of America.

Pumpkin Cocktail

Pumpkin Cocktail is a simple American cocktail recipe for the fall season.

Pumpkin Cakes

Pumpkin cakes are an American recipe made with pumpkin puree topped with cream cheese frosting.

Pumpkin Martini

The Pumpkin Martini is a fabulous, creamy American drink that's perfect for both Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Pumpkin Latte

Pumpkin latte is an American recipe, the famous latte from Starbucks.

Buffalo Wings

Buffalo wings - an American cuisine recipe, a very popular American dish, chicken wings in a spicy sauce.


Donuts – an American cuisine recipe, fluffy and delicious donuts that you can't refuse.

Cheese Stuffed Pork Cutlets

Cheese stuffed pork cutlets – recipe for cooking pork cutlet stuffed with cheese, according to the American cuisine recipe.


Marshmallow – a favorite treat for all American kids, yes, probably, and not only children.

Fruit and Nut Salad

Fruit and nut salad – American cuisine recipe, a very festive and bright salad of colorful apples, bananas, dried cranberries, nuts and ice cream.

Chocolate-Pumpkin Bread

Chocolate-pumpkin bread – an American cuisine recipe made from pumpkin, chocolate and almond nuts.

Sausages in Dough

Sausages in dough - an American cuisine recipe, sausages wrapped in dough, deep-fried.

Texas Goulash

Texas goulash - American cuisine recipe, juicy beef goulash with lots of roots and vegetables.

American Food

American food recipes, like the peoples of the United States, are heterogeneous and diverse. The sheer size and ethnicity of the population makes it difficult to articulate the principles that govern American food recipes. American cuisine is a collection of diverse cooking styles in the United States. Based on traditional English food recipes, American cuisine has learned a lot from the cuisine of the indigenous peoples of America, and then changed for many decades under the influence of the national cuisines of various peoples who came to America. As a result, Italian pasta and pizza, German steaks, sausages, and many other dishes of various national cuisines have become American food recipes.

It is difficult to compare the role of American recipes in the world versus, for example, the influence that French or Italian cuisine has had on the cuisines of other countries around the world. French cuisine has proven to everyone that you can make a work of art from certain products, if you do not think about the money and time spent. American recipes, on the other hand, have proven that you can quickly and cheaply prepare a dish from any product that satisfies the maximum number of consumers in terms of its culinary qualities.

Modern American Cuisine

Modern American cuisine is a massive use of convenience foods, fast food establishments and restaurants of various national cuisines of the world – Chinese, Italian and others. Sandwiches of various types are typical of American cuisine, both cold and hot – with turkey meat, beef ham, with vegetables. American cuisine is rich in salads almost throughout the United States – from the simplest, from fresh cucumbers and tomatoes to complex salads with a large number of ingredients. Typical American dishes include deep-fried chicken, smoked pork, beef schnitzels, crab soups and patties, and cornmeal bread and pancakes.

Favorite American main courses are steak and roast beef with blood, they are prepared with a small amount of salt and spices, sauces and seasonings are added individually on the table to taste. Vegetables are used for garnish – beans and green beans, corn, green peas, cauliflower, asparagus, and boiled, fried or stewed potatoes. Side dishes from cereals and flour products in American cuisine are used much less often than from vegetables.

American cuisine is rich in a variety of pastries and desserts – pies, cakes, puddings, cookies, fresh fruit compotes, fruit juices and fresh fruits, whipped cream, and other sweet foods.

Typical American Food Recipes

Different food recipes are typical in different regions of the United States. In the states of New England, fish dishes, lobster, boiled pork with vegetables are traditional. In the Midwest, charcoal-grilled beef steaks, baked potatoes and chocolate cakes are more typical, as well as dishes borrowed from Italian cuisine such as fried ravioli or Chicago pizza. In the southwest of the United States, the so-called Tex-Mex cuisine, or Tex-Mexican, prevails – dishes of Spanish-Italian origin prevail here – tacos, burritos, chili con root or fajitos. Many types of spices are used to prepare American cuisine – bay leaves, cinnamon, caraway seeds, various types of peppers, garlic, nutmeg, cloves, ginger, vanilla, and many others. Traditional drinks of American cuisine – Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola, tea, very popular coffee, ginger beer, cold unsweetened tea with ice and lemon.

Tex-Mex Cuisine

Tex-mex, or tehano, is one of the varieties of American cuisine in the southwestern United States, the so-called Texas-Mexican cuisine. The term “tex-mex” refers to the combination of Mexican and American cuisine in recipes, often in America they use the term “Mexican cuisine” or “cuisine of the Southwestern states”. Tex-mex cuisine is a hybrid of Mexican and Spanish recipes, since the territory of Texas for a certain period belonged to New Spain, and then to Mexico. Tex-mex cuisine combines in its recipes both the ingredients used in traditional Mexican cuisine and products and spices from recipes from other cuisines of the world. Texas-Mexican cuisine is very original and combines the virtues of both American cuisine and traditional Mexican cuisine. In the southwestern United States, where Texas-Mexican cuisine is prevalent, traditional dishes have the same names and recipes very similar to those of Mexican cuisine. Dishes such as tacos, fajitos, burritos, chili con carne and many others usually associated with Mexico are prepared here.

American Recipes

American cuisine is very diverse, and we invite you to get acquainted with its dishes – here are a large number of American food recipes and descriptions of cooking. The important thing is that most of the American food recipes presented on our site are easy to make at home from available products.