Main Course Recipes

Roast Pork Taco

Roasted pork tacos are a Mexican recipe that are an easy appetizer that can be prepared ahead of time.

Pork Sausage with Lentils

Pork sausage with lentils is a recipe from Italian cuisine, a typical dish on the Christmas menu and especially on New Year's Eve.

Maple Ground Pork Cutlets

Maple ground pork cutlets - a French recipe, a simple recipe that can be prepared in advance and reheated later.

Pork Belly in 30 minutes

Pork belly in 30 minutes is a Korean recipe that is very simple and very quick, where the preparation and frying takes only 30 minutes.

Cobb salad

Cobb salad is a recipe for American cuisine, it’s like a calling card of America.

Kimbap with Mackerel

Kimbap with mackerel is a Korean recipe, very simple and satisfying with simple ingredients.

Soba with Chicken and Vegetables

Soba with chicken and vegetables is a Chinese recipe, soba is a very popular noodle that can be cooked with various meats or vegetables.

Eggplant Raita

Eggplant raita is a recipe for Indian cuisine, this recipe, like all Indian cuisine, is very aromatic and can be spicy if you’re not used to it.

Zucchini Terrine

Zucchini Terrine – French cuisine recipe, tender zucchini terrine with cottage cheese and cream cheese.

Main course recipes

The main course section contains main dish recipes based on meat or poultry, and various options for combining meat, fish, poultry with side dishes of pasta, porridge or vegetables – for example, Georgian shashlik and Ukrainian Kyiv cutlet, Greek musaka or French chicken with cheese.