Antonio Carluccio's Recipes

Pizza in a Pan for 10 minutes

Pizza in a pan – an Italian cuisine recipe, if there is a ready-made pizza dough, pizza in a pan takes 10 minutes to cook!

Food Recipes by Antonio Carluccio

Dishes cooked according to the recipes of the great Italian culinary specialist Antonio Carluccio, known far beyond the borders of Italy. He has been called the "Godfather of Cooking" and the "Ambassador of Italian Cuisine" to the UK. He has two BBC television series and more than a dozen culinary bestsellers to his credit, which have been translated into several languages. He was the founder of the most extensive restaurant chain in the UK, Carluccio's. His merits were appreciated not only in his homeland in Italy, where he has the highest civil rank - the title of Commendatore, he became an order bearer in the British Empire. “Life is a mix of magic and pasta,” said Antonio Carluccio.