Hunting sausages

Hunting sausages – recipe with photo, snacks
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Cooking time: 10 h

Difficulty: Medium recipe

Recipe yield: 1 kg

Recipe author: Kashewar

Hunting sausages – the recipe is taken from a very, very old book, calculated for 10 kg of meat, they did not cook less. Therefore, when converted to 1 kg, we got such strange numbers. In general, people used to be serious about making sausages. You can take semi-finished hunting sausages with you to the countryside and fry them on charcoal, which is also very tasty. In this recipe, a natural casing was used, but it is quite possible to replace it with a collagen casing, it is no worse. The only thing before stuffing minced meat, collagen must be soaked in water for literally 10 minutes.

Hunting sausage ingredients

Hunting sausages recipe

Pork and beef

The recipe for hunting sausages is very simple. Everything is clear with beef in this recipe, but with pork there are small nuances. You can use lean pork, but then you need to add lard. Dry hunting sausages definitely should not be. The best option is to use lard with a layer.

Minced pork and beef

Dry the washed meat with a paper towel and cut into small pieces. Twist the prepared meat in a meat grinder with medium cells.

Prepared spices for sausages

If the spices are not ground, grind in a mortar or in a coffee grinder.

Minced meat with spices

Mix spices with minced meat, cover with foil and refrigerate for 2-3 hours.

Hunting sausages before smoking

Now the shell. You can use natural or collagen, it is no worse. If you use collagen, it must be cut in advance to the size you need, and then dipped in water so that it becomes soft. Remove the minced meat from the refrigerator and fill the shell with it. It is better to do this with a meat grinder and attachment. Tie the ends of the sausages.

Hunting sausages in the smokehouse

If you have a smokehouse with water seals, congratulations, you can smoke for even a few hours. If not, and you are going to smoke in the apartment, then the sausages must first be boiled. Heat the water to 80-85 degrees, the water should not boil, cook the sausages for 30-35 minutes. After the sausages, cool and place in a smokehouse for 15-20 minutes and, without removing, allow to cool for 4 hours.

Smoked hunting sausages

If you have a normal smokehouse, or it is possible to smoke in the fresh air, then you need to smoke sausages for 45-50 minutes at a temperature of 60 degrees. The temperature must be monitored so that it does not rise above 65 degrees.

Sausages on ice

Remove the smoked sausages immediately and transfer to cold water with ice to stop the cooking process.

Hunting sausages

Hunting sausages are ready and ready to be served.

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