Recipes with Beef

Beef – recipe ingredient

Beef is the meat of adult cattle, the meat of young cows and gobies is called veal. Beef is used in almost all cuisines of the world. Depending on the part of the carcass from which the beef is taken, it is used in certain dishes. The recipes of beef dishes are very diverse – beef steaks and roast beefs, borscht, soups and main dishes, meatballs, etc.

Green Soup with Beef

Green soup with beef – Georgian cuisine recipe, the soup is very light, as it is cooked without adding potatoes.

Pancakes with Meat

Pancakes with meat - a recipe for the main dish, the filling for pancakes is prepared from meat, on which the broth for borscht was cooked.

Pork-Beef Cutlets

Pork-beef cutlets - a recipe for the main course, the cutlets use combined minced meat with the addition of onions, eggs and stale white bread

Beef Stew in a Pot

Beef stew in a pot – the recipe for cooking Chinese cuisine, oddly enough, but this name has a very famous soup in China.

Hunting Sausages

Hunting sausages – an old recipe for sausages made from beef, pork, lard and spices.

Chili Hot Dog

Chili hot dog – Gordon Ramsay's recipe, the chef never ceases to amaze with the variety of dishes.

Green Borscht

Green borscht (sorrel soup) – a Ukrainian cuisine recipe, a green borscht is cooked from beef broth with the addition of fresh or canned sorrel.


Chebureks – a Georgian cuisine recipe, chebureks are very tasty, juicy, and most importantly – homemade.

Beef in Egg Lace

Beef in egg lace – Chinese cuisine recipe, very original omelette preparation. And it's not only about its form, but also about its composition.

Fresh Vegetable Salad with Meat

Fresh vegetable salad with meat – an Uzbek cuisine recipe, such an unpretentious salad is simple and at the same time satisfying.

Lula Kebab in Georgian

Traditionally, lula kebab in Georgia is cooked from beef with the addition of barberry, which gives freshness and juiciness to the kebab.

Bolognese Sauce

Bolognese sauce – cooking recipe of Italian sauce based on minced meat with the addition of vegetables and spices.

Armenian Easter Soup (Vozpiapur)

Armenian Easter Soup (Vozpiapur) – an Armenian cuisine recipe, the soup is very hearty, thick, rich, this soup is often prepared for Zatik (Easter).

Cabbage Rolls

Cabbage rolls is a recipe of Ukrainian cuisine, minced meat, onions, carrots and spices are wrapped in cabbage leaves.

Beef Chop on the Bone

Beef chop on the bone – the recipe is very simple, you can use any spices, you can use only black pepper.