Chebureks – recipe with photo, Georgian cuisine
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Cooking Time:
1 hour 30 min.
Recipe Yield:
6-8 servings
Medium recipe

Chebureks – a Georgian cuisine recipe, juicy, aromatic and very tasty. The secret of the juiciness of the filling is in water. Minced meat should not be dense, then the filling will be very juicy and tasty. It is best to add ice water to the minced meat and, when kneading, slightly beat the minced meat on the table. Chebureks are absolutely not difficult to cook. Try to cook and see for yourself.

Recipe Ingredients

Wheat Flour 400 g
Eggs 1 pcs
Water 250 ml
Beef 500 g
Onion 250 g
Vegetable Oil 250 ml

Cooking Recipe

To cook a Georgian cuisine recipe chebureks, mix the egg with warm water, salt and, gradually adding flour, knead the dough. Cover the dough with plastic wrap and set aside until you can start filling.

Mince the beef in a meat mincer, finely chop the onion. Mix onion with meat, season with salt and pepper. For the filling to be juicy, the minced meat should not be dense. Gradually pouring cold water into the minced meat, for each minced meat its own amount, knead it.

Divide the dough into equal pieces, about the size of a tangerine. Roll each piece into a ball, and then roll it out with a rolling pin into a thin layer. Put a small amount of minced meat on one side of the rolled dough, cover with the other side of the dough, pinch the edges and cut off the edge with a curly knife.

Prepared chebureks put into a pan with heated vegetable oil and fry on both sides until golden brown. Serve the chebureks hot.