Recipes with Ground Black Pepper

Ground black pepper – recipe ingredient

Ground black pepper – ground black pepper peas, ground black pepper is most often used in the cooking of various dishes, this is one of the spices, along with salt, without which most recipes can not be imagined. Ground black pepper can be purchased ready-made, but it is better to grind it in a kitchen mill or grind it in a mortar before use.

Squash Caviar

Squash caviar – food preservation recipe for the winter, fried zucchini are twisted in a meat grinder with fried onions with the addition of spices.

Bolognese Sauce

Bolognese sauce – cooking recipe of Italian sauce based on minced meat with the addition of vegetables and spices.


Smakovnik is a recipe of Russian cuisine, it can be cooked and served in two ways, choose which one you like.

Fried Chicken Legs

Fried chicken legs - a recipe for caramel legs in a sweet and sour sauce of tomato ketchup, rice syrup and garlic.

Eggplant Chips

Eggplant chips - a recipe for raw foodists, thinly sliced eggplants are first marinated and then dried.

Cabbage Rolls

Cabbage rolls is a recipe of Ukrainian cuisine, minced meat, onions, carrots and spices are wrapped in cabbage leaves.


Shakshouka is a Jewish dish, an interesting way to cook fried eggs for breakfast from tomatoes, eggplant and sweet peppers.


Piccadillo - and it sounds beautiful, and looks good, and it's easy to cook, and it tastes very tasty, juicy and satisfying dish

Kyiv Style Herring

Kyiv style herring - a recipe for Ukrainian cuisine, will help decorate any holiday table.


Khash – a traditional recipe of Armenian cuisine, khash is very good in the cool season, khash is served for breakfast.

French Cracklings

French cracklings - a recipe for French cuisine, cracklings are cooked from the thick edge of the pork belly with garlic and herbs

Liver Cutlets

Liver cutlets are a Ukrainian cuisine recipe made from beef liver with the addition of white cabbage.