Recipes with Allspice

Allspice – recipe ingredient

Allspice (lat. Allspice) - the fruits of an evergreen tree called pimento, which grows up to 20 meters. Allspice grows in the tropics in the northern region of South America, in the Bahamas.

Nezhinsky Cucumber Salad

Nezhinsky cucumber salad – a cucumbers preservation recipe for the winter in the form of a salad, with the addition of onions and spices.

Spiced Vinegar

Spiced vinegar – dressing recipe, various seasonings and spices are added to the table vinegar 9%, and after infusion is used as a dressing.

Iced Hibiscus Tea

Iced Hibiscus Tea – summer, sun, heat, everyone is hiding in the cool, but there are those who are happy with this weather – this is hibiscus.

Hunting Sausages

Hunting sausages – an old recipe for sausages made from beef, pork, lard and spices.

Pickled Tomatoes

Pickled tomatoes – a tomatoes preservation recipe for the winter, a set of herbs for tomatoes is quite standard.

Pickled Bell Pepper

Pickled bell pepper – a food preservation recipe for the winter, bell pepper is marinated with garlic, bay leaf and pepper.

Smoked Pork Ribs

Smoked pork ribs – the recipe is very simple and very tasty, the ribs must be selected without salo.

Pickled Garlic

Pickled garlic is a recipe for cooking Armenian dishes, for this recipe garlic must be peeled.

Jellied Carp

Jellied carp – Russian cuisine recipe, how can you celebrate the New Year without jellied fish?

Simmered Duck with Cabbage

Simmered duck with cabbage - for this recipe, you can take an ordinary duck or an indo, the indo has more meat.

Vegetable Briouats

Vegetable briouats - a Moroccan recipe, you can take any vegetables for briouat to your taste.

Grilled Pork Ribs

Grilled pork ribs - a recipe for Ukrainian cuisine, the ribs are very good for a picnic.

Beef Liver Roll

Beef liver roll - a recipe for Ukrainian liver pate rolled into a roll with butter.

Whole Pickled Garlic

Whole pickled garlic – Georgian cuisine recipe, the recipe requires attention, but it's worth it - garlic is very good for meat dishes.

Pickled Plums

Pickled Plums – a recipe for Ukrainian cuisine, pickled plums are a very good appetizer, somewhat reminiscent of olives.

Pickled Pears

Pickled pears – a recipe for Moldovan cuisine, for pickling you need dense pears with hard pulp.