Spiced Vinegar

Spiced Vinegar – recipe with photo, dressing
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Cooking time: 20 minutes

Difficulty: Simple recipe

Recipe yield: 1 l

Spiced Vinegar – recipe for dressing with vinegar, spices and herbs. Spicy vinegar is often sold in stores, and its cost is very different from ordinary table vinegar. Who knows exactly what was added to the industrial spiced vinegar? Of course, it's best to make your own spiced vinegar. Everyone is accustomed to the fact that vinegar is involved in preparations for the winter, but that vinegar can also be preparations, probably very few people represent. Herbs and spices not only give ordinary table vinegar an original aroma, but also slightly soften its taste.

Spiced Vinegar Ingredients

Spiced Vinegar Recipe

Preparing Spicy Vinegar Ingredients

For the recipe for dressing spicy vinegar, wash and dry fresh herbs and leaves. Use spices whole, not ground. Add all the spices and aromatic herbs to the bottle of vinegar and set aside in the pantry for at least 1 month. During this time, the vinegar will infuse well and combine all the aromas of spices and herbs.

Infusion of vinegar with spices

Spicy vinegar is very good for dressing salted herring or for jellied meat. Spicy vinegar is much softer than ordinary table vinegar, herbs and spices make vinegar very aromatic and a great dressing.

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