Recipes with Bay Leaf

Bay leaf – recipe ingredient

Bay leaf (lat. Bay leaf) – an evergreen tree, often a shrub of the laurel family. Reaches a height of 15 meters. Laurel grows exclusively in the subtropics, the homeland is considered the Mediterranean and Asia Minor.

Juicy Chicken with Potatoes

Juicy chicken with potatoes is a Chinese cuisine recipe, in China they believe that chicken meat is good to eat in winter.

Salo in Onion Peel

Salo in onion peel, salo is a unique product from which you can cook a wide variety of snacks.

Nezhinsky Cucumber Salad

Nezhinsky cucumber salad – a cucumbers preservation recipe for the winter in the form of a salad, with the addition of onions and spices.

Spiced Vinegar

Spiced vinegar – dressing recipe, various seasonings and spices are added to the table vinegar 9%, and after infusion is used as a dressing.


Sujuk – very tasty dry-cured sausage.

Ham and Bacon Pea Soup

Ham and bacon pea soup – first dish according to the Swedish cuisine recipe. Pea ham soup is not only delicious but also extremely nourishing.

Green Borscht

Green borscht (sorrel soup) – a Ukrainian cuisine recipe, a green borscht is cooked from beef broth with the addition of fresh or canned sorrel.

Salted Tomatoes

Salted tomatoes – a food preservation recipe for the winter, the tastes of people are different, someone love pickled cucumbers, and someone pickles

Pickled Tomatoes

Pickled tomatoes – a tomatoes preservation recipe for the winter, a set of herbs for tomatoes is quite standard.

Pickled Garlic

Pickled garlic is a recipe for cooking Armenian dishes, for this recipe garlic must be peeled.

Pickled Quince

Pickled quince – conservation recipe from quince, apple cider vinegar, sugar and spices.

Jellied Carp

Jellied carp – Russian cuisine recipe, how can you celebrate the New Year without jellied fish?

Mushroom Borsch with "Ears"

Mushroom borsch with "ears" – Ukrainian cuisine recipe, ears are cooked with buckwheat filling and serve as a good addition to borsch.


Khash – a traditional recipe of Armenian cuisine, khash is very good in the cool season, khash is served for breakfast.

Lentil Fricassee

Lentil fricassee is a French cuisine recipe, lentil gravy can be prepared with water or broth.

Steamed Lamb

Steamed lamb is a Turkish cuisine recipe, it is best to take lamb for this dish with ribs.

Lentil Chowder

Lentil chowder – French cuisine recipe, for soup you can take any part of chicken or chicken.