Sujuk – recipe with photo, Armenian cuisine
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Cooking Time:
1 hour
Recipe Yield:
3,5 kg
Medium recipe

Sujuk – very tasty dry-cured sausage. Do you think it is not realistic to cook it at home? You are wrong, everything is real and simple, the main thing is to know some of the nuances and have patience, since this is not a momentary dish. There are a lot of recipes for sujuk, but there are basic rules for cooking.

Recipe Ingredients

Beef Neck 5 kg
Salt 75-80 g
Nitrite Salt 75-80 g
Caraway 2.5 tsp
Cardamom 2.5 tsp
Black Pepper 8 tsp
Bay Leaf 5-10 pcs
Clove 15 pcs
Nutmeg 5 tsp
Garlic 10 cloves
Water 5 tbsp

Cooking Recipe

The recipe for sujuk is very simple. It is the neck that is used for sujuk, it is more tender and juicy.

Remove excess film from the meat, rinse well and dry with a paper towel. Prepare two kinds of salt.

Cut the meat into large pieces, mix with salt and place in a storage container. You can use a regular glass jar, as the meat must be tightly closed. Place the meat in the refrigerator and forget about it for exactly one week.

After a week, the meat will change color and become quite dense. Put pieces of meat out of the container in which it was salted. Dip the cuts of meat on a paper towel before further processing to remove excess liquid.

Boil the bay leaf, cloves and water and let it brew. While the liquid is infusing, twist the meat and garlic in a fine-mesh meat grinder. Mix the meat with the rest of the spices (cumin, cardamom, black pepper, nutmeg). Pour in the bay leaf and clove infusion, no spices.

Mix everything well, cover with foil and refrigerate for a day. The next day, the casing, if collagenous, is cut into the desired length and immersed in water so that it becomes soft.

Stuff the shells with minced meat, tie the ends. If there are air bubbles, pierce. Hang the Sudjuk to dry at room temperature. After a day, the sujuk needs to be put under the press so that the excess liquid goes away. You can use two cutting boards. Cover the board with a paper towel, lay out the sausage, cover with another board. Put a load on top or clamp the boards with clamps. Turn and change the towel every day for 7 days. Press at a temperature of 5-7°C (41-45°F).

When the sausage is flat enough and enough liquid comes out of it, hang it out for further drying. Previously, you need to look again well and, if there are air bubbles, pierce them. Hang out sujuk for another 20 days at the same temperature or in the refrigerator.