Pickled Eggplant with Basil

Pickled Eggplant with Basil – recipe with photo, Armenian cuisine
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Cooking Time:
2 hours
Recipe Yield:
1 l
Simple recipe

Pickled Eggplant with Basil – recipe for Armenian cuisine, a wonderful appetizer for the winter with meat or potatoes. Preparing pickled eggplant with basil is very easy and simple. In principle, the eggplants are already ready, they should be allowed to stand for 1 week and can already be served, since the eggplants are marinated fried. Before serving, pickled eggplants can be sprinkled with finely chopped fresh herbs.

Recipe Ingredients

Eggplants 1 kg
Onion 250 g
Basil 1 bunch
Vegetable Oil 100 ml
Vinegar 9% 200 ml
Water 200 ml
Salt 20 g

Cooking Recipe

For a recipe for Armenian cuisine pickled eggplants with basil, peel the eggplants and cut into slices.

Salt the sliced eggplants, let the circles lie down for a while, then squeeze, rinse and fry in oil.

Peel the onion, cut into rings. Sterilize jars for pickled eggplants, lay the fried eggplants, onions and basil leaves in layers.

Pour water, vinegar into a saucepan and put on medium heat. When the marinade boils, let it boil for another 10 minutes, and then pour the eggplant with the marinade.

Jars with pickled eggplants can be rolled up with tin lids or covered with nylon lids and placed in a cold cellar or refrigerator.