Dried Parsley

Dried parsley – recipe with photo, food preservation for the winter
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Cooking time: 15 minutes

Difficulty: Simple recipe

Recipe yield: 20 g

Dried parsley – a food preservation recipe for the winter, you can dry parsley in a special dryer, you can in the oven, or you can in the usual way, as our grandmothers dried. But our grandmothers also dried parsley in different ways, in several ways. One way is to hang a bunch of parsley in a dark, dry place with the leaves down. Another way is to finely chop the parsley, lay on a cloth or paper, and dry in the shade. Dried parsley is well suited for cooking various seasonings, for preparing meat dishes or for preparing sauces and marinades.

Dried parsley ingredients

Dried parsley recipe

Parsley for drying

To make a food preservation recipe for the winter dried parsley, sort out the parsley, wash and dry slightly. Next, put dry parsley on a board and chop finely.

Drying parsley

To dry parsley, you can make a frame from thin slats and cover it with gauze or other material, but not dense. Put chopped parsley on a prepared makeshift dryer. Do not dry parsley in the sun – it will "burn" and lose everything useful, and its taste will not be very good.

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