Recipes with Parsley

Parsley – recipe ingredient

Parsley (lat. Petroselinum) is a biennial cross-pollinated plant of the umbrella family. As a spice, parsley began to be used in the Middle Ages thanks to Charlemagne, who ordered it to be grown in his gardens, in the XVI century, parsley was brought to England.

Ranch Sauce

Ranch sauce is an American cuisine recipe, a simple and very light sauce that will complement any meat or fish dish.

Broccoli Cutlets

Broccoli cutlets - a recipe from French cuisine, vegetable broccoli cutlets turn out to be very tender and satisfying.

Vegetable Cutlets

Vegetable cutlets - a Greek recipe made from vegetables, mushrooms and oatmeal.

Meatballs with Quince

Meatballs with quince – the recipe is very simple, quince saturates the sauce and gives the meatballs a pleasant taste.

Tomato Juice with Herbs and Pepper

Tomato juice with herbs and pepper – drink recipe, tomato juice with spices - a light and refreshing drink, in addition, it is also satisfying.

Fish Stuffed with Fennel

Fish stuffed with fennel – a delicious dish of Moroccan cuisine, an interesting recipe for cooking fish.

Kutabs with Herbs and Cheese

Kutabs with herbs and cheese – a traditional recipe of Azerbaijani cuisine, kutabs can be prepared with spinach, nettle, sorrel filling.


Dovga (Azerbaijani: Dovğа) is a national meal of Azerbaijani cuisine, dovga is a cold summer soup cooked from kefir and herbs.

Pea Stuffed Tomatoes

Pea stuffed tomatoes – a Bulgarian cuisine recipe, a good snack for the summer season.


Ovdukh – cold Azerbaijani summer soup based on kefir, herbs and cucumbers, sometimes kefir is diluted with water.

Green Ajika

Green ajika – Georgian sauce recipe, green adjika is made from fresh green hot peppers, herbs and spices.

Frozen Parsley

Frozen parsley – food preservation recipe for the winter, usually freeze already chopped parsley.

Dried Parsley

Dried parsley – food preservation recipe for the winter, dried parsley is very suitable in seasonings or dry mixes.

Butter with Herbs

Butter with herbs – a German cuisine recipe, this butter is good to spread on gray or brown bread.

Quick Salted Cucumbers

Quick Salted Cucumbers – an Uzbek cuisine recipe, stuffed cucumbers are poured with tomato juice and after 2 days are ready.

Hatzilim Pilpel

Hatzilim Pilpel is a national Jewish dish that slightly resembles a vegetable stew.


Shakshouka is a Jewish dish, an interesting way to cook fried eggs for breakfast from tomatoes, eggplant and sweet peppers.


Khash – a traditional recipe of Armenian cuisine, khash is very good in the cool season, khash is served for breakfast.

Herbs Omelette

Herbs omelette - a recipe for cooking Indian cuisine, the omelet is very well complemented by onions fried in ghee.

Stewed Meat Rolls

Stewed meat rolls - a recipe for American cuisine, a simple and festive dish, you can take any ketchup to your taste.