Frozen Parsley

Frozen parsley – recipe with photo, food preservation for the winter
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Cooking time: 15 minutes

Difficulty: Simple recipe

Recipe yield: 200 g

Frozen parsley – food preservation recipe for the winter, do not freeze the whole parsley, it is much more convenient to chop the parsley before freezing. It is better to freeze parsley in small bags. Parsley behaves very interestingly – after defrosting, the aroma of freshness fills the entire kitchen. Frozen parsley can be added to any salads, when preparing meat or fish dishes. Also, frozen parsley will add freshness to soups and other first courses.

Frozen parsley ingredients

Frozen parsley recipe

Chopping parsley for freezing

To make a frozen parsley recipe for the winter, sort out the herbs and remove the yellow leaves, if any. Then wash the parsley well and shake off as much water as possible. Cut off the parsley stalks from the leaves and chop finely. By the way, parsley stalks can also be frozen and then used to make vegetable or chicken broths.

Freezing parsley in a bags

Place the chopped parsley in small plastic bags, preferably with a lock, and place in the freezer. In winter, when you need frozen parsley, take a piece off the briquette and use it to make salads, sauces and other dishes.

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