Tkemali Sauce

Tkemali Sauce – recipe with photo, Georgian cuisine
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Cooking time: 1 h

Difficulty: Medium recipe

Recipe yield: 1 l

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Tkemali Sauce – a recipe for a classic Georgian cherry plum sauce with lots of greens. Sweet and sour tkemali in combination with hot pepper create a unique Caucasian taste and aroma of tkemali sauce. The only problem in the tkemali sauce recipe is ombalo, which is not available in most regions. You can try replacing ombalo with peppermint and savory. Of course, tkemali cooking without ombalo will differ from the original Georgian tkemali sauce, but tkemali sauce will still be very tasty.

Tkemali Sauce Ingredients

Tkemali Sauce Recipe

Boiled cherry plum

The recipe for tkemali sauce is easy to cook. Wash the cherry plum, place in a saucepan and pour a little water (50 ml). Boil the cherry plum until the skin bursts.

Rubbing cherry plum

Then rub it through a fine colander or sieve to make a puree.

Prepared herbs for tkemali

Separately skip all the herbs, hot peppers and garlic through a meat grinder. Mix the puree with the other minced ingredients, add salt, sugar and mix well. Put on fire, and, stirring, bring tkemali to a boil. As soon as the tkemali boils, remove from heat and pour into clean dry jars or bottles and seal with lids.

Almost Tkemali sauce, but from plums

The same sauce can be cook not only from cherry plum, but also from plums. It turns out a different sauce, but no less tasty.

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