Recipes with Hot Pepper

Hot pepper – recipe ingredient

Hot peppers (Capsicumfescens) – a shrub of the nightshade family. It grows to a height of 60 cm. Hot pepper is a variety of pepper that has a burning taste, the name "chili" is also common. This name is often used in trade and culinary for the name of cayenne pepper, and also applies to all the most burning varieties of red hot pepper. The birthplace of pepper is tropical America.

Eggplant Raita

Eggplant raita is a recipe for Indian cuisine, this recipe, like all Indian cuisine, is very aromatic and can be spicy if you’re not used to it.

Meatballs with Quince

Meatballs with quince – the recipe is very simple, quince saturates the sauce and gives the meatballs a pleasant taste.

Momiji Oroshi

Momiji Oroshi – Japanese dipping sauce recipe translates to red maple.

Tkemali Sauce

Tkemali sauce – a recipe for a classic Georgian cherry plum sauce with lots of greens.


Adjika – a recipe for Georgian cuisine, this adjika is prepared without adding tomatoes, but on the basis of hot peppers and spices.

Cauliflower with Potatoes

Cauliflower with potatoes – a dish of Indian cuisine, this dish is served warm, but you can also eat it cold.

Flatbread with Meat

Flatbread with meat (kubdari) – recipe for cooking Georgian cuisine, the cake is flatbread in the oven.

"Fish" from Buckwheat Flour

"Fish" from buckwheat flour – a Chinese cuisine recipe, "fish" in the form of shells are prepared from a mixture of buckwheat and wheat flour.

Salted Lemons

Salted lemons – a Moroccan cuisine recipe, salted lemons are used in the cooking of many Moroccan dishes.


Guacamole – a Mexican cuisine traditional recipe, this is an appetizer, and a sauce, and a dressing for some dishes.

Chili Jam

Chili jam – Italian food preservation recipe, jam is made from sweet and hot peppers with added sugar and red wine.

Plum Sauce

Plum sauce – plums souce recipe, based on the for Georgian sauce Tkemali.


Tamale – a Mexican cuisine traditional recipe, the basic principle of tamal is corn or banana leaves, tortilla and filling.

Pear Chili Sauce

Pear chili sauce – sauce recipe from various varieties of peppers, sweet pears and honey. This sauce is in the style of Caribbean sauces, that is, sweet chili sauces.

Eggplant Pilaf

Eggplant pilaf – a Turkish cuisine recipe, in this pilaf, meat is replaced with eggplants.

Pickled Hot Peppers

Pickled hot peppers – a Georgian cuisine recipe, in a day hot peppers cooked according to this recipe will be ready for use.