Orange Drink

Orange drink – recipe with photo, Soviet cuisine
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Cooking time: 1 h

Difficulty: Simple recipe

Recipe yield: 9 l

Orange drink – a drink recipe, do not be surprised – but 4 oranges really make 9 liters of a very tasty drink. This drink, of course, is best cooked in the hot season, so boiling 9 liters of water is a bad idea, it is better to use purified water. You can make a wonderful jam from the oilcake, you can spread it on toast and serve it for breakfast, or you can coat it with cake base.

Orange drink ingredients

Orange drink recipe

Frozen oranges

To cook a Soviet cuisine recipe orange drink, wash the oranges, wipe dry and place in the freezer overnight.

Slicing frozen oranges

After taking out, let the oranges thaw slightly, but not too much, but so that you can cut into pieces.

Grind oranges

Pass the chopped oranges together with the peel through a meat grinder and pour over 3 liters of boiled cold water.

Straining orange oil cake

Set aside to infuse for 10 minutes, and then strain through a sieve, putting cheesecloth in it. Add 6 liters of chilled boiled water to the strained juice, add sugar and citric acid. Mix everything well, let the sugar dissolve, and then bottle and cool. After 1-2 hours you can drink orange drink.

Jam from oranges

From the oilcake, you can make orange jam. Weigh the oilcake and mix the same amount of sugar, add vanilla, ground cinnamon, citric acid or lemon juice, mix and cook in three steps. Transfer the finished orange jam to jars and store in the refrigerator.

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