Coffee Frappe

Coffee frappe – recipe with photo, Greek cuisine
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Cooking time: 10 minutes

Difficulty: Simple recipe

Recipe yield: 1 serving

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Coffee Frappe – a Greek cuisine recipe, this drink, like many masterpieces, appeared by chance, but many rated it as a refreshing summer drink. The basis of Greek Frappe Coffee is Nescafe Classic instant coffee, and just remember this, because you won’t succeed with other instant coffee. It is not known what exactly is in this coffee, but it really creates a very good foam, unlike all other varieties of instant coffee. To create a chic foam, use a mixer or a shaker, but it’s more convenient to whip, if not strange, in an ordinary jar with a tight-fitting lid. Coffee often sprinkles from a shaker, and a tightly closed lid keeps all the foam in the jar. If you do not believe me, you can try all three options, and choose for yourself which one is more convenient for you.

Coffee frappe ingredients

Coffee frappe recipe

Frappe foam beating options

To cook a Greek cuisine recipe Coffee Frappe you need to take instant Nescafe Classic coffee and only it. Next, you need to decide how you will create the foam. It can be a blender, a shaker, or in the simplest and most convenient way – a can of tomato paste or sauce with a twist-off lid.

Whipping foam for greek coffee frappe

Pour coffee into a jar, add sugar and 1-2 tbsp cold still water. Then close the jar with a lid and shake it well – feel like a bartender. You can even do it beautifully, most importantly vigorously.

Frappe coffee foam

After a few seconds, a dense, stable foam forms in the jar. If you poured too much water, the foam will be loose and quickly fall off, the bubbles in the coffee foam should be small.

Filling glasses of coffee frappe

Pour coffee foam into a tall glass and pour in the rest of the water, not reaching the top of about 1.5 cm, since ice and milk will still have to be added to the coffee glass.

Adding milk and ice to frappe coffee

Next, in coffee frappe add chilled milk or cream and ice cubes. Mix the coffee well with a spoon, lower the straw and serve. Well-whipped foam will hold for a long time and you can not even drop it.

Nescafe Gold based coffee frappe option

As for the instant coffee variety, if you take not Nescafe Classic, but, for example, Nescafe Gold or other instant coffee, it will turn out something like this – maybe it tastes nothing, but you have foam in which the very charm of this drink is will not work.

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