Irish Coffee

Irish coffee – recipe with photo, british cuisine
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Cooking Time:
20 min.
Recipe Yield:
1 serving
Simple recipe

Irish coffee – a great warming cocktail based on coffee, whipped cream and Irish whiskey. Irish coffee appeared by chance - it was invented by Joseph Sheridan, a bartender at Foynes Airport in Ireland, who decided to help warm passengers waiting for their flight. Since then, Irish coffee has not lost its popularity due to the simplicity and originality of its recipe.

Recipe Ingredients

Espresso 80 ml
Whiskey 40 ml
Sugar 1 tsp
Cream 33% 30 ml

Cooking Recipe

Irish coffee is a standard Irish whiskey-based cocktail, but Irish coffee can be made using cognac, brandy, rum, or another strong alcoholic beverage. It is customary to drink Irish coffee through a layer of cream, using a straw for this.

For Irish coffee, brewed coffee is poured into a warm glass, then Irish whiskey is added and sugar is placed, which cannot be stirred.

Fatty cream is whipped separately, so that air bubbles are as small as possible. Whipped cream is then carefully added to the glass so that it is on the surface of the coffee. Now you can warm up, Irish coffee is ready.