Recipes with Cream 33%

Cream 33% – recipe ingredient

Cream 33% is a product from milk; initially, fat milk was poured into a container with a tap at the bottom, after settling, the liquid was drained. Nowadays, cream is made using a separator. Cream 33% are considered to be fat, when whipped they are very stable and due to this they are very widely used in cooking for the make of creams, desserts and other things.

Salted Caramel Ice Cream

Ice cream salted caramel is a recipe from Italian cuisine, soft airy, caramel and at the same time salty.

Pumpkin Martini

The Pumpkin Martini is a fabulous, creamy American drink that's perfect for both Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Broccoli Soup

Broccoli soup – Italian cuisine recipe, easy, but at the same time very hearty broccoli soup

Irish Coffee

Irish coffee – An excellent warming alcoholic cocktail based on coffee, whipped cream and Irish whiskey.

Russian Honey Cake

Russian honey cake – a recipe for Russian cuisine, previously sour cream was made for a honey cake, now they use condensed milk cream.

Duchess Potatoes

Duchess potatoes - a recipe for airy mashed potatoes with yolks and cheese, baked in the oven.

Matchmakers Hand Pies

Matchmakers hand pies - a recipe for russian cuisine, such pies were prepared when matchmakers came to the house.

Tomatoes in the Snow

Tomatoes in the snow - a Spanish recipe, this appetizer can be served both warm and chilled

Lemon Pie

Lemon pie is an American cuisine recipe, the pie crust consists of cookies, and the filling is obtained in the form of a soufflé.

Shrimp cheese mousse

Shrimp cheese mousse - a recipe for French cuisine, if there is no mold, you can use lemon.

Kissel from Red Wine

Kissel from Red Wine – a recipe for Moldovan cuisine, it is advisable to take dry red wine for jelly.

Stuffed Kiwi

Stuffed kiwi – American cuisine recipe, dessert is very suitable for the holiday - no need to mess with pastries.

Panna Cotta

Panna Cotta - Italian cuisine recipe, literal translation panna cotta - boiled cream.