Ricotta ice cream with blueberries

Ricotta ice cream with blueberries – recipe with photo, dessert
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Cooking time: 30 minutes

Difficulty: Medium recipe

Recipe yield: 1,25 kg

Recipe author: Kashewar

Ricotta ice cream with blueberries – ricotta cheese can be replaced with cottage cheese, after wiping it through a sieve. Blueberries can be replaced with other berries that you like best. Not everyone has an ice cream maker, so it's best to freeze the cheese and then crumble it with a fork. Berries are not necessarily fresh, you can also use frozen, again for those who do not have an ice cream maker - this is even better.

Ricotta ice cream with blueberries Ingredients

Ricotta ice cream with blueberries Recipe

Blueberries for ice cream

For the recipeblueberry ricotta ice cream, puree blueberries, preferably frozen. To remove the peel, rub the blueberry puree through a sieve, but this is not necessary, just a broken blueberry does not spoil the taste of ice cream.

Ricotta for ice cream

If the cream is not store-bought, but farm cream, they must be heated to a boil, and then add sugar and mix until the sugar is completely dissolved. Freeze the ricotta, but so that after it you can beat it in a blender. Combine chilled cream with sugar, ricotta and vanilla.

Ricotta and blueberries

Add blueberry puree to the main products, beat everything well, until smooth. Do not worry that the mass is watery, the freezer will fix everything.

Blueberry and ricotta ice cream

Transfer the well-whipped mass into plastic bowls or molds, cover with a lid and place in the freezer. As soon as ice cream begins to freeze, set, it should be beaten with a fork, whisk or mixer.

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