Recipes with Vanilla Sugar

Vanilla sugar – recipe ingredient

Vanilla sugar is a flavor used in baking recipes, in confectionery, and other dishes. Everyone knows the smell of vanilla, but vanilla sugar is not always related to natural vanilla. There are two types of vanilla sugar – one based on vanilla, the other based on synthetic vanillin.

Alsatian Apple Pie

Alsatian apple pie – very tasty and simple recipe from apples filled with a mixture of cream, milk, sugar and vanilla.

Torte «Sacher»

Torte «Sacher» – the most famous Austrian cake in the world is the result of several fortunate twists of fate.

Cherry Clafoutis

Cherry clafoutis – a recipe for French cuisine, a light, delicate and airy dessert.

Cake Pigeon's Milk

Cake Pigeon's Milk – a very popular cake in Soviet times was invented by a confectioner at the Prague restaurant.

Greek Apple Pie

Greek apple pie – there are a lot of recipes for apple pies and this is normal, if you eat fruit, then there will be a pie.

French Pear Pie

French pear pie – a French cuisine recipe, pears in red wine are used for the pie.


Marshmallow – a favorite treat for all American kids, yes, probably, and not only children.

Tarte Taten with Quince

Tarte taten with quince – a recipe of French cuisine, tarte taten can be prepared with different fruits, it is very beautiful from quince.

Quince Jam

Quince jam - a recipe for Uzbek cuisine, quince jam has a very beautiful color and wonderful aroma.

Raisin Buns

Raisin buns - a recipe of Ukrainian cuisine, airy and soft buns can be stored for a long time and not stale.

Chabela Pie

Chabela pie is a Mexican cuisine recipe; on top of the finished pie, you can smear it with jam or pour over icing.


Baklava is a recipe of Azerbaijani cuisine, baklava is a festive dish that is prepared for Novruz.

Plum Casserole

Plum casserole – a French cuisine recipe, often a beautiful form is used to bake casseroles.

Turkish Delight

Turkish delight – a recipe for one of the Turkish sweets, fruit molasses or cocoa is added for taste.

Devil's Dessert Cake

Devil's dessert cake – a recipe for American cuisine, no one can resist such a dessert, even the devil.

Cheesecake New York

Cheesecake New York – recipe for the famous delicate Philadelphia cheese dessert, this dessert is impossible to resist.