Uzvar with Honey

Uzvar with honey – recipe with photo, Ukrainian cuisine
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Cooking Time:
1 hour
Recipe Yield:
3 l
Medium recipe

Uzvar with honey – one of the main dishes for Christmas after kutya is uzvar. There are a large number of uzvar recipes, of course there is a basic one, but by adding various products you can get a wide variety of drinks. The most important thing in uzvar is the order in which products are added. Everything should be cooked, but not turned into porridge.

Recipe Ingredients
Water 3 l
Dried Fruits 200 g
Prunes 50 g
Raisins 50 g
Honey 2 tbsp
Cooking Recipe

The recipe for honey uzvar is very simple. Rinse dried fruits and let the water drain. Boil water, add dried fruits from pears, after 5 minutes add dried fruits from apples. Cook for 5 more minutes.

Rinse raisins and prunes as well and pour into water with dried fruits. This is necessary because each fruit needs a different cooking time.

After 15-17 minutes, remove uzvar from the stove and let it cool down a bit, to about 60°C (140°F). Add honey, stir and let cool completely, then strain. The Uzvar is ready.